006 the bandito tour

Saturday, November 2, 2019

On Friday, November 1, Chris and I made our way to Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Picked up a celebratory cold latte on the way there, and I got the nicest compliments on my platform boots and coffin purse. When we arrived to Staples Center, we sauntered into the very front of the venue. The anticipation for the show mounted in the hours leading up to the headlining performance.

When the curtains stopped, we could see Joshua Dun in rebel clothes carrying a torch. Tyler Joseph stepped in with a face mask on and the show kicked off with a car being lit on fire. The energy that erupted was celebratory and only got more intense as the night progressed. We all sang along and enjoyed ourselves, living through the tape playing inside our eyelids. I flashed back to many memories I experienced while listening to the Trench album in the last year.

There were many costume changes, moving lights, confetti, streamers, and action. There is dialogue from the band interacting with the crowd, sneaking in and out of it. Both Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun perform inside the crowd.

There is dialogue from the band to the crowd and back. Joshua Dun played drums on a platform raised by the crowd's own arms. Tyler Joseph clears out paths in the crowd, walks into it and goes to the back to sing A Capella songs, with Car Radio among them. The light show hovering over the performance is a beautiful sight, making the performance leave a lasting impression.

The Hype
Lane Boy
Stressed Out
('Bad Boys For Life' by P. Diddy intro)
Nico and the Niners

Tear in My Heart
Pet Cheetah

Main Stage
Play Video
Holding on to You
Fall Away
Cut My Lip
My Blood
Car Radio


Towards the end of the show they start shooting confetti. I kept some of the pieces that fell on my hair and stuck them in my journal. I'm sentimental about it because this album carried me through tough times. Tyler Joseph writes a song about his grandfather that had just passed away.I found it comforting, and found that other songs from the album treated subjects I resonate with highly.

The Twenty One Pilots show is an emotive experience. You feel joy during the celebration, and in some ways you also feel heard.I enjoyed the goodnatured humor and all the jokes that were made during the show. I appreciated seeing fans get high fived, and especially seeing both members being held up by the crowd at some point. The platforms raising are a stunt, as is the car they set on fire multiple times during the set. They bid us a very heartwarming goodbye before exiting stage.

When we left the venue, we found a sax player influencing the crowd with some Twenty One Pilots music. People were dancing or singing along to the music, and this street happening is just one of the many things that highlights what an amazing place the city of Los Angeles is. As we drove back home I was feeling uplifted and thinking about how good their performance was.