Tea Cup Meanings



No。1 Horseshoe. The sign of good luck. True love will bless you all your life. There will be money coming to you through marriage.

No。2 Wedding Ring. Marriage in the near future promises great happiness to come.

No。3 Train. Foretells a journey in the near future. Also signifies a marriage within twelve months.

No。4 Money. Happiness in love and joy in the home is predicted for you. You will receive a sum of money from an unexpected quarter.

No。5 Letter. Good news is on its way to you. If it comes from abroad it is warning not to be too sensitive. If from home — good news and prosperity.

No。6 Cannon. Unlucky and denotes strive amongst those around you.

No。7 Wedding Bells. This of course denotes a wedding within twelve months.

No。8 Medicine. Illness is denoted here. You may be introduced to a medical student in the near future.

No。9 Babies. You will hear of a new “arrival” very soon.

No。10 Question Mark. Give vent to your own imagination.

No。11 Bellows. This means praise for you in your work.

No。12 Aeroplane. Flight. Hasty news of a happy nature.

No。13 Kisses. The sign also allows you to give rein to a vivid imagination.

No。14 Telephone. News will soon arrive of a stroke of exceptionally good luck.

No。15 Pierced Hearts. Romance. True love with be your cherished possession.

No。16 Skull. News of a death will be received.

No。17 Belisha Beacon. Beware of an accident. Take particular care in crossing roads.

No。18 Wine Glasses. This denotes that you will attend a lot of parties and generally have a good time throughout the year.

No。19 House. You will shortly visit a new home. An enjoyable holiday is indicated.

No。20. Motor Car. A journey by road in the near future. You will make a life-long friend in connection with this.

No。21 Tombstones. This is a bad omen. News of the death of an intimate friend will be received this year.

No。22 Triangle. Beware of the eternal triangle. Do not share your love or interfere with others.

No。23 Umbrella. Stormy times are ahead for you, you are far too extravagant.

No。24 Grapes. Riches and enjoyment is plenty in store.

No。25 Axe. You will overcome all difficulties by your own special endeavors.

No。26 Scales. You have an inherent sense of justice. Fair dealing is your greatest asset in life.

No。27 Flowers. You are extremely fond of outdoor life — the countryside — and babies.

No。28. Book. Ask advice of a staunch friend. You are of a quiet and studious disposition.

No。29. Butterfly. Flattery will be yours. Do not allow this to overrule your natural kindly disposition.

No。30 Candle. That which you squander you will one day need. Take thought for the future.

No。31 Cards. Do not gamble — you will lose. You are not naturally lucky at games of chance.

No。32. Castles. The “Castle of your Dreams” will come true. A great ambition will be realized.

No。33 Clock. Before three days are passed you will get a letter containing the news that will please you very much.

No。34 Comet. Beware, you are playing with fire.

No。35 Comb. You will have a quarrel with your espoused. A young girl will be the cause.

No。36 Drum. You will hear disagreeable news — do not heed them. News of great importance will be received within the next fortnight.

No。37 Eye. Look before you leap. You are far too impetuous.

No。38 Fish. Beware of Gossip. Do not confide in others, especially those who ask personal questions.

I am of the belief that information should be accessible. Hopefully these meanings will help all those of you who own a Paragon fortune telling cup but haven't yet gotten around to purchasing the PDF of instructions.

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