Gypsy Oracle

01 Old Woman – May be something from the past to incorporate into your life. Wise decisions. Alternatively, unyielding ways and rigid thinking. Fear of aging. Running out of time.

02 Messenger – An announcement or invitation. Waiting for results and/or a telephone call. There is an important message that you need to convey and let others know.

03 Letter – An answer, approval, application, document, contract. A message via any mode of communication. News brings change one way or another. A new opportunity or challenge.

04 Thief – Cheating. Losing something, misplacement, swindle. This card signifies all that is stolen – does not have to be physically taken. Theft goes on all the time. Spending time with someone who drains you is a form of theft -they are stealing your peace of mind. When this card is next to the enemy card there is a warning not to be careless with your valuables.

05 Servant – Single female. Uncharted territory. Obedience. Too yielding or too submissive in some situation.
06 Service – Submission. Crew. Serving. Receiving help or offering help to others.

07 Doctor – Medicine man or woman. To care. Advisor. Need for emotional or physical healing. Medical concerns. An emotional wound you need to bandage up.

08 Wife – Discord and unresolved issues. A desire to be in a committed relationship. May symbolize an actual wife. Something needs to be tended to.

09 Falseness – Lies, corruption, defensiveness, negative. A fake something or other. Betrayal. Two-faced person. Deception of the worst kind. Trying to cover up some mistake or lie. Lying to yourself that everything is okay when in reality it is not.

10 Enemy – Weakness. Hostility. Impostor. Self-doubt. Opposing ideas and contradictory attitudes.

11 Foe – A competition. A comparison. The other side of the fence. An embrace of some joy not thought of.

12 Friend – Friendship. Positive news. Lessons learned. Signifies aspects of your personality that you have rejected but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge.

13 Joyfulness – Gaiety, having a good time. Creativity, feelings of pleasure from entertainment. Well being. Attending a function where there is much joy and laughter. Harmony amongst friends and loved ones.

14 Thought – Planning. Contemplation, indecision, the thinking process. Study. Meditating on your problems. Digesting information. A form of daydreaming.

15 Prison – Limitations, rules. Entrapment, loneliness. Suggests that some situation or relationship is making you feel restricted. You may be experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life. Alternatively, this card represents your feelings of shame a guilt. It is telling you to stop punishing yourself. Perhaps your outdated beliefs or old ways of thinking is preventing you from going anywhere. Censorship. Unable to express yourself.

16 Money – Inheritance. Winning, luck, abundance. Increase. Wealth, if this card is beside the FORTUNE card. Success and prosperity is within your reach. Confidence, self-worth, success, or values.

17 Scholar – Senior, retirement, longevity. Wisdom or forgiveness. Offering guidance to some daily problem.

18 Pleasure-seekers (Desire) – Anxiety, longing, craving, wishful thinking. Wishing or yearning for something that is out of your control. If you wish hard enough though, you can manifest what it is you desire if it is in the highest good for all concerned.

19 Gift – A donation, present, contribution. Rewards. The act of giving and receiving.

20 Fortune – Victory, satisfaction guaranteed, a sale, a miracle. Give praise for all your abundance. Lucky streak. Your dreams come true. Inner riches, unexpressed talents.

21 Lord – House owner. Boss. Teacher. Obligations. You may feel that someone else has authority over your life and dictates what you can or can not do.

22 House – Family and emotional bonds. Home, office, security. The environment you live in. A project.

23 Cherfulness – A social event, reception, wedding/baby shower, celebration. A need to get out more and enjoy yourself. Uncertainty of social skills.

24 Haughtiness (Pride) – An arrogance,conceit. Overly ambitious. Showing off.

25 Wedding (Marriage) – Commitment, bonding, loss of independence, marriage. Can predict marriage. Mainly a card of union and commitment. A bond or agreement.

26 Hope – Anticipation, waiting. In the future. Believing in a positive outcome. All is possible through faith.

27 Young woman – A blind date. Represents nurturing, passivity, caring nature and love. Refers to your own female aspects or your mother. Alternatively, it represents temptation and guilt
28 Merchant (Profit) – Gain, advantage, increase, freebie. Open to changes and looking at things with a different perspective. Business aspirations and professional goals. Alternatively, you or someone is taking advantage in a negative light.

29 Child – A new start. Pregnancy, a baby. Naivety, inexperience. Infancy stage. Start of project or relationship. Satisfying repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes. A longing for the past.

30 Constancy – Lack of change, solid, accountability, fixed. Everything stays the same, this is usually positive. If you are wondering about a negative situation, it doesn’t look like it will improve.

31 Conversation (Judge) – Final verdict, decisions by those in authority. Weighing the pros and cons in a situation. Being put through a test. Seeking acceptance to move forward.

32 Malady – Illness, burden, recovery, tardiness. Negative well-being. Illness but within the card are also clues to a recovery. Possibility of using sickness as an excuse not to deal with something or someone. Unpleasant changes. Inability to cope with a situation.

33 Sorrow (Loss) – Risky, decline, decrease, losing. It’s a no-go. Money issues. A break-up in a relationship. Betting against the odds & losing. Unable to see the causes of your problems and consequences of your decisions.

34 Frivolity – Undecided, irregular, fickle, changing.

35 Love – Happiness, affection, love, positive. Emotional situation involving feelings. Romance. The love of a person or thing.

36 Sweetheart – Female seeker of cards: The special lady, wife, girlfriend. If you are a female this card represents you in a reading. The cards surrounding the sweetheart will tell you what’s going on currently. If you are a male, then the sweetheart is your special lady or girlfriend. If you don’t have one, she can represent a good female friend or sister.

37 Lover – Male seeker of cards: The special man, husband, boyfriend. The special man for a female seeker of the cards.Represents the male getting the reading. If you are a female, then the lover is your special man or boyfriend. If you don’t have one, he can represent a male friend or brother. In the future spot predicts the potential of a love affair.

38 Melancholy – Grief, unwanted, crying, mood swings, unfavorable. Tears of pain. Upsetting time. Very depressed. Under the weather. This shall pass, a temporary state of mind. Signifies disappointments.

39 Soldier (Man in uniform) – The other man, person in authority. Professional dealings. As a person it will be anyone that wears a uniform. News comes from this person that is more formal than personal. If you get involved with this man, he will love you & leave you. A playboy. Signifies discipline and structure. Imposing thoughts and feelings on others. Preparing to “do battle” over an issue.

40 Priest – Faith, power of prayer, religious connotation, a church or chapel. Anyone involved in an organized belief system. A church type building. Spirituality. Last rites. A need for morality. Chastity and abstinence. Sexual repression.

41 Journey – Travel. Emergency. Taking off, physical trip. Vacation. Signifies profits, self-discovery or progress. A welcoming and harmonious change.

42 Sighs (Widow) – Divorcee, loneliness, grief. A woman in sorrow. A situation that causes pain. A woman without a partner. Menopause, crone. Isolation and the feeling of abandonment. Differentiate between things and prioritize them. Fear of separation. Feeling overwhelmed.

43 Death – Farewell, finalization, endings, the answer is no. It’s over. A cycle card. Saying good-bye. Time to move on. Forget the past and head off into a different direction.

44 Faithfulness (Good news) – Yes, positive results. Announcement. Passing the test. Intuition. Loyalty. Generosity. Protection. Fidelity. Strong values and good intentions will enable you to move forward in the world and succeed.

45 Consolation (Some Money) – Raise, bonus, a purchase, small win, refund. Can be a small raise or increase. Finding or having some loot you forgot about. Receiving a refund check, rebate, etc. Entitlement.

46 Misfortune – Bad news, discomfort, obstacles. Unlucky. A card of warning. Potential mishap or freak circumstance. Expect the unexpected. Something is in need of your attention. Stop and rethink the consequences of your actions.

47 Reunion – Loyalty, honesty, unconditional, friendship. A loyal person or situation. A trusting friend. A volunteer.

48 Despair – Frustration, negative emotions, annoyed, bad mood. A card of emotions. Flying off the handle. Anger issues.

49 Waiting (Jealousy) – Spying, resentment, envy, the other woman. Green eyed monster. Wanting that which is not yours. Envy.

50 Widower – Older male relative. Mourning. The past, remembering. A lonely and sad man. A situation that must be accepted. Pining over loved one. Isolation and a feeling of abandonment.

51 Room – Company, meetings, errands, teamwork. The act of receiving guests and being welcomed by others. Usually there is an element of surprise involved. This card can represent an errand. New strengths and taking on new roles.

52 Surprise – Findings, recognition. A situation comes up that started horribly and turned out great. Getting good news about a worrisome condition. Open in acknowledging and confronting your feeling.

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