1. RIDER (Nine of Hearts) NEWS

An expected message. News, messages, delivery, ideas, intuition, invention. Can be delivered in verbal or written form. It can also indicate unexpected change. A young, sometimes athletic man or lover. Speed, agility and mobility.

Associations: swiftness, flight,a messenger, a visitor, a person in uniform, a handsome person, a horse, bicycle or motorcycle, the mail man, a package.

2. CLOVER (Six of Diamonds) LUCK

Good luck, rewards for hard work. Hope. A nice surprise. A new opportunity. Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, and good fortune. Literally some clover or ground cover. A welcome bonus.

Associations: A windfall, a lucky break, opportunity, hope, a turnaround, a tonic or pick-me-up, recovery after illness.


Foreigners and foreign places. Transitions and nostalgia Spiritual growth, journey, dreaming, navigating. Bodies of water. Occasionally an inheritance. A literal ship. Movement.

Associations: Adventure, travel, setting out, distance, a rite of passage, a large vehicle or vessel.


Home life. Family. A base, or community hub. Real estate. Ties to the past. A mature man, often a father or father figure. Materialism. Refuge.

Associations: hospitality, security, sanctuary, shelter, creature comforts, a large building, home business, a web site.


Family. Health. Medication, treatment. Sickness. A lengthy amount of time. Boredom, monotony. Growth, lineage, genealogy and "roots". Culture.

Associations: nature, organic growth, nourishment, diet, exercise, roots and ancestry, patience, healing, medicine.

6. Clouds (King of Clubs) PROBLEMS

Doubts, fears, misunderstandings. Haziness, lack of clarity. Stormy/cloudy weather, both literal and figurative. An unpleasant man, sometimes older and very much in his head.

Associations: confusion, vagueness, indecision, skepticism, foreboding, grayness, depression, fog, smoke, gloom.

7. Snake (Queen of Clovers) BETRAYAL

Scandal. Betrayal. Cunning. Distraction. Deception or deceit from a known person. Can suggest complexity or difficulty. A woman female rival, or a very bright and intellectual older lady. Curved shapes, pipes, and tunes. An unpleasant man, sometimes older and very much in his head. Often, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.

Associations: deception, twisted words, jealousy, rivalry, rivers, winding roads, pipes, tangled wires and cables.

8. Coffin (Nine of Diamonds) ENDING
Transformation through finality or completion. A shock, sickness, loss. Feeling "boxed in". A literal coffin or box. Death.

Associations: cancellation, conclusion, stagnation, redundancy, terminal illness, death, a box, darkness, emptiness.

9. Bouquet (Queen of Spades) JOY
Gifts. Love. Happiness. Abundance. Friends. An invitation. A welcoming visit or surprise. A pleasant, kind woman. Flowers.

Associations: happiness, charm, a surprise, color, beauty, generosity, elegance, good taste.

10. Scythe (Jack of Diamonds) CUT
Suddenness. Threat. Reaping. Choices made. Verdicts. Pain whose removal brings longer term benefits. Severing and removing. Surgery. A young male / Peter Pan complex. Use caution.

Associations: removal, cutting away, separation, surgery, efficiency, practicality, ruthlessness, knives, and tools.

11. Birch Rod / Whip (Jack of Clubs) CONFLICT
A clash of some kind- the enquirer may be culprit or victim. Occasionally, physical violence. Sharp and tough advisor. Repetitive motion, activity or rhythm. Repeat addictive behavior patterns. Passion, obsession, self-sabotage, abuse. Purging. Taking inventory.

Associations: argument, coercion, culture clash, bullying, threatening behavior, violence, sport, competition.

12. Birds (Seven of Diamonds) CHATTER

Small talk or gossip. Nervous chatter. Intimacy between siblings and family. Voice messages, phone calls, text messages. Things in pairs.

Associations: conversation, telephone calls or online messaging, a date, an interview, a small meeting, a debate.

13. Child (Jack of Spades) INNOCENCE
New beginnings, young or new things. Something small as in a small amount, a small favor, small in size, etc. Rarely, but sometimes... someone with child-like tendency. Friends. A fling. Blank slate.

Associations: inexperience, immaturity, naivete, simple pleasures, play, fun, a new beginning, a pupil or student.

14. Fox (Nine of Clovers) TRICKERY
Employment. Trickery, gossip. Watching or being watched. Outsmarted. Deceit. A false mask. Someone being wronged. A scam artist or manipulator. Somebody that can't be trusted. Sometimes cunning motives that occur at the querent's place of work. A fox.

Associations: craftiness, deviousness, plots, manipulation, bending the law, getting away with it, office politics.

15. Bear (Ten of Clubs) STRENGTH
Career. Money. Home finances. Providing for others. A boss or authoritative figure. Strong words.

Associations: power, weight, prudence, protection, defense, bank accounts, insurance, savings, wealth and assets.

16. Stars (Six of Hearts) DIRECTION
Networking. Connections. A route forward. Signs to be followed. Technology and computing. The universe. Guidance. Psychic development. Metaphysics. Astrology. Wishes and wishful thinking. Higher intention and prayer. Evening and stars in the night sky.  Things in large numbers.

Association: navigation, signs, design, planning, strategy, technology, astronomy, astrology, the internet

17. Stork (Queen of Hearts) CHANGE
Pregnancy. New beginnings. Birth. Starting a new chapter. Improvement, if timed right.

Associations: Improvement, promotion, progress,a  shift in priorities, good planning, maternity and childbirth.

18. Dog (Ten of Hearts) LOYALTY

A friend. Loyalty, good and reliable. Satisfaction. Happy. Companionship. Someone you can count on. A faithful man. Literal dog or pet.

Associations: honesty, support, trust, dependability, 'being there', assistance, intimacy, an advisor or companion.

19. Tower (Six of Spades) AUTHORITY
A large institution. Rules and structures to be followed. Innovation. Discovery. Structure. Enlightenment. An official or authority figure. Government and big business. Borders, boundaries and restrictions. At times, jail. A tall building.

Associations: government, law and order, military and police forces, hierarchies, rules and regulations, tax, bureaucracy.

20. Garden (Eight of Spades) SOCIETY
A place where people meet. A community. Social networks as often as a physical place. Socialization. Parties. Gathering. Escapism. Public places, sites where people gather: fairs, festivals, sports events, meetings, parties, entertainment, rallies, protests, outdoor weddings, a literal park or garden.

Associations: meetings, clubs and societies, gatherings, conferences, teamwork, reunions, the countryside.

21. Mountain (Eight of Clubs) BARRIER

An obstacle which will only be overcome with great effort. Problems. Delays. Blockage. Taking a very long time to change. Building momentum. an uphill or circuitous climb. Getting over and above things.

Associations: challenge, delay, blockage, interruption, inertia,paralysis, immobility, denial, stiffness, freezing.

22. Paths (Queen of Diamonds) CHOICE
The need to make a considered decision. Wheel of fortune. Not knowing the best way. Indecision. Alternative choices, decisions. A literal road, or road trip. A pause to think about or consider something. Crossroads in some decks. At times, a quick and decisive woman who crosses you, or your path.

Associations: Decision making, evaluation analysis, free will, gut instincts, the need to consider consequences.

23. Mice (Seven of Clovers) DAMAGE
Problems and mistakes. Lies. Poisonous thoughts. Ill intentions. An enemy. Disruption and disorder- because of interference, or through neglect or lack of proper management. Worries. Illness. Infection. Disease.

Associations: loss, theft, erosion, deterioration, ruin, untidiness, dirt, neglect, vermin, parasites.

24. Heart (Jack of Hearts) LOVE
The enquirer's emotional life. Love. Friendship. Romances. Wishes coming true. Playful flirtation. Affairs. An emotionally mature young man.

Associations: emotion, passion, desire, affection, tenderness, kindness, charity, the heart.

25. Ring (Ace of Clovers) UNION
Commitment. Contracts. Cycles. Payoffs for work done. Establishment of a partnership-personal or professional. It can indicate marriage. A long-term commitment. An ongoing loop, series or sequence. Sometimes a piece of jewelry.

Associations: marriage, partnership, alliance, agreement, a contract, co-operation, a promise, a merger, jewellery.

26. Book (Ten of Diamonds) KNOWLEDGE
Information coming to the enquirer's possession- frequently of a secret or confidential nature.
Education. History. Lessons. Secrets. Hidden knowledge. School. Academics, higher education, private study. Unrevealed knowledge. Publishing and writing.

Associations: any written information (books, newspapers, reports, files, accounts), revelation, libraries, the occult.

27. Letter (Seven of Spades) MESSAGE
Written communication- a printed document, memos, notes, missives, receipts, tickets, email, or even a text message. News. Correspondence. Exchanges. Anything printed out, or on paper.

Associations: correspondence, documents, mail, newsletters, contracts and certificates, bills, invoices, statements, cheques.

28. Gentleman (Ace of Hearts)
A male. A male consultant/querent, or an important man in the querent's life.

29. Woman (Ace of Spades)
A woman. A female consultant/querent, or an important woman in the querent's life.

30. Lily (King of Spades) MATURITY
Wisdom and peace gained from experience. Passion. Sensuality and sexuality. Power relationships. Societal structures. Tranquility and peace. A strict and mature patriarch.

Association: peace, serenity, wisdom, experience, inner security, relaxation, ageing, retirement, sex and sexuality.

31. Sun (Ace of Diamonds) SUCCESS
Success. Morning/daylight. Happiness. Heat, fire, warmth, electricity. Brilliance, vibrancy. Positive power, dynamism, and achievement. Insight. Spirit. God/goddess. A card of energy.

Associations: light, heat, consciousness, science, logic, ambition, victory, masculinity, testosterone, ego, the left-brain, the visible and physical world.

32. Moon (Eight of Hearts) INTUITION
Creativity and inspiration. Moon cycles. Menstruation. Moodiness. Darkness. A shadow is cast on the subject. Motivations. Reputation. Dreams & nightmares. Fame and public recognition. Success in creative outlets. Romance. soul tending. Evenings and moonlight.

Associations: the subconscious, the irrational, fantasy, femininity, the id, the right-brain, the hidden and psychic world.

33. Key (Eight of Diamonds) SOLUTION

Sureness. Solution to a problem. An achievement which opens doors to future success. Complete control. Expertise. Skill and talent. Feeling open and self-knowing. Coming to an understanding.

Associations: discovery, access, exams or puzzles, passwords and codes, passports, visas, clues, destiny, the soul.

34. Fish (King of Diamonds) ENTERPRISE

Independence. Freelance employment. Money. Finances. Cash flow. Wishes. Asking questions. Success with money. Indulgences. Abundance. A sensitive and compassionate businessman. Liquids, sometimes alcohol. Aquatic life.

Associations: freedom, start-ups, independence, flexibility, expansion, water, a freelance.

35. Anchor (Nine of Spades) STABILITY
Solidity and security. Fixed attitude and aversion to risk. Playing it safe. A huge weight. Dropping your anchor. Committing to work, stability, and responsibility. Retreating to a place of depth. Feeling adrift, literal seaside and docking.

security, safety, settling down, a safe haven, legacies, conservatism, reactionary views, stubbornness.

36. Cross (Six of Clovers) SACRIFICE
A burden, of either a physical or spiritual kind. Can indicate loss, grief, and regret. Spirituality, faith, karma. Suffering. Challenges. Tests. Belief. Religion.

Associations: physical or spiritual sacrifice, religious devotion, prayer, suffering, illness, guilt, bereavement, repentance.

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