019 intro to tarot

Friday, July 10, 2020

I have avoided the subject long enough. It's time to talk about one of my most favorite activities ever.

When I was little I used to play with my father's playing card dice set. It had a shaker with the same felt from casino tables in red or black. A toddler handling everyday objects will run with their imagination. I had a passion for divination long before I ever picked up the practice. It was always in the background as I was growing up. Upon arrival to my grandparents house I would be greeted by carved wooden statues. Elaborate incense holders, large bibles, saint statues, rosaries, foreign objects on the shelves I could not identify still today. Séance, espiritismo, centro de espiritista, la virgen María, etc. were all words my family members exchanged quite frequently; casually. To me, those weird and taboo subjects were not threatening or scary. They were part of my life.

To me it made sense to learn, and I did so alone. I had my family's consent to dabble, and to me that was all I needed. I got into it before it blew up on the Internet. Back then there were no helpful blogs or Youtube tutorials. All we had were books. My heart thumped violently in my chest before I freed the cards from their box for the very first time. I was overcome with emotion the first time I held them. The learning process started with Rachel Pollack's written collaboration with Dave McKean for the Vertigo Tarot booklet. The first tarot deck I ever read for somebody else with was the Voyager Tarot by Dr. James Wanless. In 2003 I had my first tarot reading done professionally, and it was carried out by La Gitana Patricia. She used a first edition of the Rohrig Tarot, a deck I came back to find had worn out so greatly that it no longer bore illustrations. They faded out beyond recognition the last time I held them. She read for thousands of people with them.