Gathering Magic Tarot

I'm a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering. My guild is the Orzhov Syndicate, and the deck I play is one of my own design. I started playing MTG in the autumn of 2017. It was early in October that I was introduced to the game, and the feverish love it contaminated me with has fueled my motivation to make a tarot deck using some of the art. They have so much stellar art that multiple tarot decks could be made with it... So I decided to make one. This copy has premium paper, silver gilded edges and was custom made for me by me. It reads very well!

I made this deck because I feel the art lends itself to tarot exploration, and because as a reader I can identify what works for me. The prototype sang to me in readings so I decided to complete the project, and now here it is.

On October 5, 2018 I downloaded the Magic: The Gathering Arena. I played through the tutorials and started learning the mechanics of the current meta game. The first deck I settled on was an Azorius Senate deck called Wing and Claw, which I took apart and put back together. It had Azor the Lawbringer which I really loved playing. I took the low cost cards for starters and replaced them with some that cost the same but had an extra benefit. From there I started winning games and raising in the ranks of competitive play. I re-named the deck Magic Seal and went on to have some really great games with it. I went on to make a White deck that focused on angels and later had Gideon Blackblade. Then I made a Golgari Crypt deck with some really great results as well. I really took to the game and it became a habit of playing multiple times a day with great results, and lots of time spent. I love MTG and I play it to unwind from a long day of work.

Finally I settled upon a deck I still play today. I took Divine Afterlife and customized it, built it anew. What a slayer! It got me to Platinum many times. Ok so I love the game enough to wear an enamel pin for the Orzhov Syndicate. Seraph of the Scales, Teyssa Karlov, Orzhov Enforcer, Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord, and I are all very well acquainted together. I tried various permutations of the deck until I settled on the one I use today. Someday I'll list my decks if I come around to it. But that's a diary entry for another day...

It is now 2020 and I have a deck of cards I took from the game's original artwork. There is only one deck in existence and it is for my use. I intend to mail my mentor a copy so that she can tell me what she thinks, with her 50 years of practical experience reading for people on television, on the radio and in her own clinic.

Prototype and first edition decks.

I went through two periods of 6-7 months where I abandoned the project while I took care of real life responsibilities. But in August of this year the first edition of this deck arrived at my doorstep on a day I was not expecting it. I was delighted when I took it out of the wrapper. I thumbed through it in anticipation to see the whole thing through. I wanted to make sure there were no errors on the cards, because the prototype I printed with titles had a mistake. It was all clear, and I had achieved what I set out to do. I celebrated by reading with it, because that's what I made it to do.

The first card I pulled from it was The High Priestess. And that's me today, Baby Cakes๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’.

The deck shuffles really well, has the finest quality paper. Card backs are not reversible on purpose, because I like to be able to be able to tell the difference. For card backs I chose the Eternals. They are my favorite swarms, although spirits with their flying ability are really cool too. The eternals it is... and for me a perfect representation of this tarot deck's style and tone.

The cards have a buttery semi-matte sheen to them and the edges are crisp. The cut for the card backs is even, thanks be to the printer's experience. I love it. I loved looking through it, experiencing it for the first time. Looking at the art I loved, repurposed into a language I could speak through. A deck made for me by me. Thanks be to the patience I had to do this in between juggling other tasks.

For card representations I found depictions I deem appropriate and stand by. I also have many alternative cards that I can rotate through the deck of cards until I decide on which one I like best. Although, to tell you the truth... I like them all. I think they all bring something to the table, so I keep the extra cards in the deck and I read with those as well. No doubles have popped up in any of my card spreads as of yet.

As I look through all the cards I can find ways to tie them back to the tradition I follow, the Rider-Waite Smith tradition. I have tried them all and had great success with this system because it is the most straightforward of the three, although I think many would suggest the Marseilles is, instead. The Rider-Waite Smith tradition is universal, for all to be able to use. And that's what I love about it. It is accessible and can talk about mundane responsibilities as much as it can talk about spiritual journeys and occult subjects. If it works well I'll use it, and so far it is exceeding expectations.

There is no real color system in this deck, no representation of season or time of year. The language being used is that of the scenes depicted. The deck is meant to be used as a tool for intuitive exploration. I want you to draw from what you are seeing on the card.

This deck is nearly borderless, it has a black marble texture title. I used the same font that Wizards uses for the cards. I think the illustrations are all knockouts. I'll be posting some readings with the cards to get you better acquainted with the deck, but for now please enjoy the gallery displayed in this post.

The deck takes you to fantasy worlds but is still fully functional as a tarot deck for divination. I find the contrasting colors evoke many moods. The deck lends itself to different styles of reading, and gives you lots to work with when it comes to free associations.

Something I really love about this deck is that it can still continue to grow. As more expansions come out for the game I can replace the cards I feel like to get the feeling of a whole new deck if I wanted to, and that's really cool as well. I will likely get other copies printed if I ever find enough replacements to merit a reprint.

I teased the deck online and was surprised to find the people think it's a dark deck. But I suppose anything I take at least needs to have an aura of mystery or something unexpected happening. It is what it is... ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’€⚰️๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฅ€

And now without further ado, let's talk about what you're really here for.

♡ How would you like to introduce yourself?

The Hanged Man. Offering new perspective during uncomfortable times you are forced to look at things from a new perspective. Being able to survive even after having been faced with circumstances that we cannot influence and yet have to participate in. Wrangling our inner demons to find some peace. This deck is a wrangler for wild thoughts and emotions.

♡ What's your best strength as a tarot deck?
The Hermit. Holding space for you to come assess your reality so that you may gain clarity and experience from your past mistakes.

♡ What's your weak point as a tarot deck?
The Chariot. The moments depicted are in action so they can be fleeting. Just as life is moving at a quicker pace than perhaps you'd like, the messages contained in these cards for you to decode are fleeting. Pay attention in the moment so that you can expedite the process of your personal growth, or so that you can dodge looming obstacles because you're already expecting them. You'll be resourceful if you have a pint for reaching out to consult the mystic cartomantic oracle.

♡ What do you think about my work as a psychic?
The Hierophant. It has reached the point where I have gun teaching or tutoring. I have made my lifelihood from advising others going through obstacles or trying times. I have done so in good faith that I am helping people find direction in their lives so that they may see more favorable outcomes based off the decisions they make. Psychic work is very much the work of influencing others and helping them find ways of life we all hope are in their best interest.

♡ How will you represent the people in my life?
Two of Swords. Detached from feeling. Their truths will be disclosed, even if some of them are secret. Tarot airs out whats really going on with people and that's just the way it goes. The people in my life will be represented through a faithful lens even if their ideas are not the ideas I agree with or the attitudes I wish for them to maintain.

Alternatively, I am seeing this card as telling me this deck will suggest for me to cut people out of my life when I ask about them, if they aren't good for me.

♡ Is there something you think I need to learn?
Page of Wands. To seek to learn a new passion. To be open and proud of who I really am and what my personal practices are. To pursue passions and to be creative. Which is true, I want to talk about my creative ventures even though the process of preparation and production is slow and merits the wait.

♡ How can I get the most out of working with this deck?
Ace of Wands. Do what you like, what you feel moved to do what the time, and that your instincts dictate. Learn to connect with the side of you that is intuitive, sensitive to energy, and passionate about working with divination tools. You made it to use it, so enjoy use it. Use it until it is worn out and spent.

♡ Where am I at in my journey at this time?
Two of Cups. Pursuing what makes me happy and in alignment with my purpose. Looking for reciprocity in my relationships, and looking for bright compatible hearts to establish friendships with. It's all about sincerity and caring about your connections as more than just people you talk to.

♡ Pick a signifier for me.
Queen of Wands. Wild, untameable energy from this one. I am a little bit of a firecracker once you get to know me...

Pick a signifier for yourself.
Seven of Swords. A stealthy delivery of message, so quick you can't tell who brought it or if you should trust them.

Very pleased with the results of this reading. I love these cards and I can't wait to continue working with them! This is my first time showing the deck I made online, so I hope that it is well received. I intend to use it on this blog and in my video tarot readings. Please stay tuned if you'd like to know more.

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