Playing Cards

God. Ego. Self. Man. Beginning. Father. Identity. Individuality. The one and only. The first. Authority. Loneliness or being alone. Self-consciousness. The capital I. The absolute.Starting point. Intellect.
Initiative. Initiation. Straight & Narrow. A straight line. Looking straight ahead. Planet Mercury. Metal quicksilver. Universe. One world. Inspiration. Positive.

Social activity. Business social. Contacts. Meetings, Conventions, seminars. Conferences. Amusement. Places. Vacation. Dance halls. Night clubs. Restaurants. Resorts.  Bowling alleys. Playgrounds. Climbers. Status seekers. Cocktail lounges. Fraternities. Sororities. Need to belong to the right club. The right party. Go to the right restaurants.

Ace of Clovers ♣: Action. Air. Autumn. Practical things. Work. Business. Hours, days.

Diamonds: Life. Activity. Energy. Electricity. Electronics. Wealth. Stocks. Bonds. Pay checks. Salaries. Welfare. Funds. Taxes. Real estate. Property holdings. Investments. Luxuries. Jewelries. Mutual funds. Bank accounts. Safe deposit boxes. Savings. Security. Inheritances. Bonuses. Raises. Promotions. Gratuities. Expensive clothes. Furniture, homes. Anything to do with money in all its aspects. Gambling. Playing the numbers. Sweepstakes tickets. Bingo games. Lotteries. Contests. Contracts. Commissions. Compensation. Personal possessions, product of wealth.

Ace of Diamonds ♦: Fire. Spring. Internet. Thinking. Intelligence, Wealth. Possessions, Finances. Minutes, hours.

An important letter, official document, certificate, or degree. A ring, jewelry, someone in authority or an important person. When the ace falls on a face card, profitable information. A license to open up a business, practice a profession. When this falls close to cards that depict travel, a visa or passport.


Emotions and feelings. Good cards unless offset by black spades. Days, weeks.
Home, love, emotions, affection, family, friends, loved ones, marriage, honeymoon, good times, vacation, happiness, joy, pleasure, environment, personal interests, attraction, rapport, compatibility, communication, warm summer, growth, extroversion, good relationships, harmony, good will, trust, honesty, fair play.

Ace of Hearts ♥: The home, a house, environment, surroundings, a beginning, the sun, the place one resides whether a house, apartment or hotel.

Spades: Eath. Winter. Skeletal system. Physical objects. Frustration. Problems. Weeks, months, years. Long term future.

Ace of Spades♠: The mind card. What affects the mind. Worry. Fear. Anxiety. Self-doubt. Expecting the worst. A setback or delay. Complications in your plans. More spades: Person is distraught or sick with worry.

Woman, Eve, Mother Mary, the receptive, reflective, passive, feminine, duality, polarity, contrasts and complements, a mate, twins, pairs, doubles ( night and day, black and white, man and wornan, heaven and hell, good and bad, right and wrong, etc. ) , two sides, two-face, “two-tim ng,” duets, duals, eyes, legs, ears, arms, hands, feet, shoes, “two of a kind,” “like father, like son—like mother, like daughter,” deuces, “two's company, three's a crowd,” “takes two to tango,” “tea for two,” “two-way stretch,” “stand on your own two feet,” “twenty-twenty vision,” “gruesome twosome,” “a peach of a pair,” “deuces wild,” the gem Jasper, dexterity, ambidextrous, bisexuality, bicycle, “bicycle built for two,” month of February, the 2nd astrological sign of Taurus, the 2nd day of the week Monday, the second grade.

2♣: A time card. Partnership. Business letter. Gossip. News. Minor transaction. Watch. Clock. Time is running out. Clothes that come in pairs. A social invitation. W/ 10♣ Manufactures shirts, dresses, pants.)
2♦: A small check or refund. Letter containing good news in finances. A jewelry set. Pair of earrings or matching necklace. Necklace and bracelet. Small dividend from investments. A bank statement showing that you are not overdrawn on your account.
2♥: Good news, letter from a loved one, a compliment or praise, can be a child or baby, a time card. Within two days, weeks, months.
2♠: Holding a grudge. Resentment. Suppressed anger. Slight misunderstanding. An insult. Letter containing bad news. Early miscarriage. Tears. A duality in personality. Like day and night. Ambivalence. Love and hate at the same time.


The Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost ; The  Pyramid, triangle, masculine sex symbol, the letter G, the three graces (faith, hope and charity), mind, soul and body ; ego, superego and ego ; past, present and future ; heaven, earth and hell ; upper, middle, lower; “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” the “offspring” of numbers one and two ; wisdom ; astro- logical sign Gemini-March ; Tuesday ; a third party ; “three's a Crowd,” “you and me and baby makes three,” the third grade, “the third sex,” three wise men. In the Bible in Revelations 8: 10 we find: “And the third Angel sounded and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third part of the rivers, and upon the fountain of waters, and the name of the star is called wormwood.”

3♣: Symbol of the clover leaf. Luck. Start of profitable enterprise. Partnership with two other persons. A business that starts small but has seeds of growth. An invitation to join and participate with others in social undertaking.
3♦: Work or job. Three-way deal. Someone paying you back a small debt or loan. Building up a financial pyramid. Success. Though you may start small you have a sound basis. Growth is determined by other cards.
3♥: A child. Three good friends. Love triangle when with spades. A friendly third party. A trip. Mystic or occult interests. A vision or revelation. A pregnancy.
3♠: Black trinity. Third party interference. Trouble in friendship. Coming from the outside. Angry words. Impatience. Someone getting on your nerves. Irritation. Petty quarrels and delays. A miscarriage or stillborn child.

The four corners of the earth, the four seasons, the letter D, Wednesday, April, the sign Cancer, Sign of the Cross, the four walls of an apartment, four wheels on a car, the four Eva ngelists ( Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ) , the elements (air, wa tc r, fire and earth ) ; buildin ps, archi Lecture, enginccring, planning, bl ue prints, anything constructive, stable, soli d, prac- tical, concrete, tangiblc ; beds, couches, tables, bureaus, desks, fi les ; books, q ua rterli es, quad rangle, quarters, four-legged animals ( pets ) ; chariots, cars, buses, trains.

4♣: A vehicle. Car, bus, taxi, train, subway. A conference table. Being invited as a guest to dinner.  Symbol of construction. Building. Engineering. Architecture. Laying a foundation. A cornerstone.  Painting, dressmaking. Designing. A drawing board. Interior decoration. Window dressing. Setting a fancy table. Cabinet making. Woodwork. Mechanical inclination and aptitudes.
4♦: An office. Desk. Cashier's window. Safe deposit box. Place where money is kept or held in the home, counter, gift of jewelry that naturally comes in a fancy box.
4♥: Sex. Four legs on  abed or couch plus pleasure. Party. Shower. Sexual satisfaction or frustration depending on surrounding cards. A soft or comfortable chair. A festive table.  Guests for dinner. Entertaining at home. Sexual attraction. Having a good time.
4♠: Sick bed. Stayed in bed. Not feeling well. An operating table. Can mean coffin. Sick room. Hospital. Infirmary. A grave or ruin. Denotes family interference of some sort. Mother-in-law problem. Aggravations from all sides. A feeling of being fenced in and everything coming in at once.


A star, the hands and feet, symbol of one-half (one-hnlf eq uals .05 ) thus: half way there, winn ing hall the battlC, the li•ttrr E, Th ursday, May, Astrological sign Leo, the music st‹ifl ma cle tip of five lines ; the five projecting points of man consisting of the two hands, two feet and the head ; the symbol
of man risiny above and using the four elemen ts ( in the Tarot, Major A rearia siyn of the Pope or Hicrophan t, symbolized by the pentagrmn or five-pointed star ) , the  blazing star which lecl the th rce wise men to Jesus ; the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins.

5 ♣: The need to "take things in hand". Exercise more efforts and self-sufficiency rather than rely or depend on others. Small amusement place. Nightclub, cocktail lounge, bar, where both social and business contacts are made.
5 ♦: Legal papers. Documents. Petitions. Briefs. Summonses, affidavits, notarized statements, licenses, dossiers, confidential reports made up by detectives, lawyers, police. An older meaning was that of fire or purification. Settling and clearing up of legal, important and financial matters.
5 ♥: A female friend. Right hand or foot. A new coat, suit, dress, pants. Holding hands, tenderness, sympathy. Learning the truth.
5 ♠: Another card which indicates the same as above. At times may indicate an elopement or a child running away from home, or a boarding school. If pertaining to a student, one who may be falling down in his grades. An operation. Having teeth pulled, fixed, filled, filed. An operation of sorts or medical procedure.

The day Friday, the letter F, June, Astrological sign Virgo. in the Bible, Genesis 2 : 1  on the sixth day, sign if yin g eompl r:tion. a job well done ; the Latin name for six is St*x” ; the Star of David ; in the Tarot, Minor A rcana, the Six of Swords shows a man rowing a woman and child in a ferryboat to the opposite shore ; all backs are turned to us but they fane the shore. In front of them on the boa I are six swords (spades ) stand- ing uprigh t. If you visualize the number 6 and  reverse it ( 9) you can sec how both could look like a sword or la rice or fencing weapon ( from which is derived the meaning ‹if “se para tion,” etc. ) .

6 ♣: Completion of business tasks. Social amenities. Getting things done. Just about enough money to meet expenses, pay bills, perhaps have a little leftover. Warns that one should not take additional expenses until such time as he has eliminated those he already has. When accompanied by red cards it reveals opportunities in the making; good business-financial contacts, and social betterment.
6 ♦:  This is a raise in salary, a promotion, a bonus, may mean "a share of the profits," a job well done.
6 ♥:  A new friend. Sense of completion. A strongly creative card that may indicate artistic or literary talent. From the older meaning of a "book" we get knowledge, study, learning. Family relationships. A male friend.
6 ♠: Means a break of some sort, not necessarily bad since the person may be wishing for or needs just that, to break away from present job, bad environment, unhealthy relationships. A breaking of bonds, severing of ties, cutting away from persons or places. From this we also derive a separation or break-up of marriage. A divorce or annulment. Cutting of ties may mean a break-up between two sweethearts, temporary or otherwise, determined by other cards. This card also refers to an operation.

The day Saturday, letter G, July, Astrological sign Libra, in the Bible, Genesis 2 : 2 states: “And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all Iris work which He had done in creation.” Thus seven means a change, rest, rec- reation, a turning point, the beginning and end of cycles, “lucky the completed cycle, thus the begin ning of a new one ; a wheel symbolizing progress, traveling, a turning point, evolvement, the letter ,J, rotation, whirling motion, evolution and revolution, de- noting aspects of fate, destiny, luck, etc. negatively “going aroundin circles,” “caught up in a whirlpool,” “a merry-go-round,” and also anythins which revolves whether an actual merry-go-round, f€•r1js-wheel ; game of chance, roulette, chemin-de-fer, gambling at Bronte Carlo or Reno ; the fingers of fate ; a turntable, phonogram,” in medicine it's well known that the cells in our  bodies graph, record, hypno-disc, tape recorder, “spin the bottle,” change completely every seven years ; “seventh heaven,” 7 days in a week ; again in the Bible, Genesis 41 : 17, the Pharoah nar- rates a dream to Joseph which has 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows, the latter eating the former; he also says 7 good ears of corn and 7 withered ones, the latter again eating up the former. Joseph interpreted this dream to mean 7 years of prosperity followed by 7 years of famine. Students of divination would do well to study this Biblical passage.

7 ♣: A change in one's business or social surroundings, if not "of" then "in." Usually for the better unless surrounded by spades. A business building, office, where one's business is located. This is also a warning that the person is self-defeating if he doesn't take a day off. Utilize the seventh day to relax. Replenish energies. Recharge batteries. Cannot function effectively if he is going to be preoccupied with business seven days a week.
7 ♦: A change in one's finances, usually for the better. A business opportunity or job offer with good or better financial prospects. The gambling card. Refers to gambling of any kind, whether good or not depends on whether it has spades near it.Stock market, Wall-Street, a brokerage firm. The Nine and Seven together, sometimes also with the  Eight, reveals one who deals with or speculates in stocks.
7 ♥: A favorable change in or of surroundings. If a move into a new home it is a good one provided this card is not surrounded by spades. New social surroundings which may bring about an unexpected but very much desired condition. A change for the better in one's personal or social life. Symbolizes a new door opening and also a conquering or winning out over some unpleasant situation. A chance to "take it easy."
7 ♠: Can mean a change for the worse, a setback or reversal in plans, upset or unwanted changes in which the person has no control. This card also has other symbolic meanings which aren't negative. It is an image of being delayed or stuck, unable to move without harm.

Month of August, Astrological sign Scorpio, the letter H ; 8 is composed of two equal parts, thus represents har- mony (do, re, mi, fa, so1, la, ti and do! ) , balance, justice, vibrates to the Libran Scales, “as above so below,” symbolically the con- flict between the spiritual and the material, the idealistic and the sensual, good and bad, thus one's life always is a struggle nado, cyclone, “in a spin” (romantically) them, to have some sort of equilibrium; the eight good persons preserved from the great flood ( Noah and his wife, their three sons and their wives—eight in all) .

8 ♣: The conversation. The need for lots of discussions, conferences, meetings, coming together, to arrange a business settlement or agreement. It also warns that one should continue on as he is even through frustrated, not to make any hasty or impulsive moves to "weigh his words." Inherently, this card means harmony and balance in business or social matters so that a person in order to fully benefit must use "balance" and judgment even though things seem to be going wrong they can "right themselves."
8 ♦: Extra money. Perhaps a part-time job, a hobby, from creative pursuits, income aside from the usual means of livelihood. Next to Seven of Diamonds it means money that is won in a bingo game, playing the numbers, a contest or sweepstakes, perhaps at poker or other card games. This card also reveals that some financial red tape will clear up if surrounded by other red cards.
8 ♥: This vibrates to the Libran Scales of Justice. Represents double love or reciprocation. The feeling is mutual. Equality, justice, harmony, balance, fair play, an honest break. Someone well adjusted or with the capacity to form such adjustments.
8 ♠: The person's health. When surrounded by other spades there's a health problem. Person should be told to consult a doctor for a general check-up. Also a disappointment in plans, undertakings, wishes. Hurt feelings, disharmony, disillusionment, frustration. An old symbolic meaning was a thorn: a cutting remark, insult, being undermined, held back or held down. Unhappiness.

Settling a big business deal. A profitable business opportunity with no strings attached. Getting a lump sum of money. An unexpected gain. Rising to the top in one's business or profession. Often refers to real estate, property, especially if accompanied by the Ten of Clubs. Someone in this business or who does it for himself or as a part-time job.
9♦: This is a check of some sort. Tax refund, unemployment check, advance on a book, but not the usual salary check. Can refer to social security, a pension money that is earned or comes from the government. This "state money" means someone who is in some way employed in civil service, and if not something that comes to him from the state whether disability, unemployment, tax refund.
9♥: The wish. Search for love, fulfillment, gratification, companionship, attainment. Restricted or expanded depending on the wish. Is read in accordance to surrounding cards.
9♠: Serious illness. Impending tragedy. A warning to be careful of self-injury or accidents. W/ A♠: May mean death. With 6♠ or 5♠: a serious operation. Adversity, trouble, illness.

10♣: Short journey. Business trip. Fortunate business move. A major business transaction such as merger, moving office, changing sites, adding to the staff. Going to the country. Manufacturing plant or place of business.
10♦: Career. Represents success, security, wealth, freedom from financial fear. This is the bank card, savings accounts, accumulation of money, financial growth. When reading on one's career this means achievement, attainment, fulfillment, progress. In itself an extremely good card.
10♥: Wish fulfillment. Happiness. Peace of mind. Marriage. Gratification in love, state of bliss. Everything's coming up roses. Church from which derived charity. Philanthropy. Spiritual development. A school or class devoted to self-improvement. Betterment. Evolving.
10♠: Everything looks black. Walking in darkness. Trouble. Surrounded by pressure from all sides. Night. Body of water. Lake, sea, ocean. The underworld.

Youth, peers, dalliance lovers, children, siblings, messages, enthusiasm, foolishness. Small thing, beginning new endeavor. Messengers.

J♣: A younger man or boy. Thoughts of the King or Queen. Quick-witted, intelligent, vibrant young man. Ardent in love, affectionate and quick-tempered. Goodhearted. Tolerable egotism of youth.
J♦: A young man. May represent the thoughts of the King or Queen. Flashy, wealthy, self-indulgent, wants to create the impression of wealth and affluence. Friendly, extroverted, outgoing, materially motivated. Lacks substance, direction and real purpose. Underling who takes his job seriously. Symptom of his own insecurity.
J♥: A younger person. Thoughts of the King or Queen.
A close friend or loved one, brother, son, boyfriend. A good-natured young person of either sex but usually a young male. Actor, artist, poet, student of the arts. Could be immature and emotionally insecure young man.
J♠: Very dark. The son. Someone going to school, a student, in college, a young man, studying law or medicine. A young person who is unsettled, inconsistent, erratic, emotionally immature.

Women, or one specific woman, beauty, nurses, teachers, grace, grandmothers, mothers, wives. Mothers and love: caring, interested, thoughtful. Wives and lovers: confidants, sensual, showing great personal power. Bring emotion and intuition to the Suits.

Q♣: A brunette. Dark hair and eyes. She may have blue or hazel eyes. May be a professioal business or career woman. Symbolically, one inclined to flirtatiousness. Gossip, basically good humor.
Q♦: Very light woman. Platinum blonde to fiery red hair. Eyes may be any color. Hair may be dyed. Gray-haired woman. Symbolic of frivolous, gay, fun-loving, pleasure-seeking woman. Sexy woman. Self-indulgent, smoker, drinker, the other woman, exhibitionist.
Q♥: Mother. Protective. Kind. Warm. A motherly person who is understanding and sympathetic.
Q♠: A widow or divorced woman. Spiteful, catty, intriguing, deceptive, gossipy, one who delights in scandal.

Men or a specific man. Wisdom, judges, authority, power, age, grandparents, fathers, husbands. Signify mastery, strength, control and leadership. Represent earthly authority such as police or judges, that can be cold and stern. Protective, authoritarians of their Suit. Sometimes hard and domineering.

K♣: Brown hair and eyes. May be hazel or blue eyes. Receding hairline or graying at temples. Often a professional man. Symbolically a successful man with good judgment and income. Has capability to overcome obstacles.
K♦: A very light man. Blue, gray, green eyes. Very blonde, light hair. Fair complexion. May be bald or balding. Very gray or graying. A professional man. Psychiatristm doctor, lawyer, in government, or engineer.
K♥: Usually fair complexion. Blue, gray, green, hazel eyes. Medium brown to blonde hair. Usually an older man. Benevolent, paternal, kindhearted man. Father or friendly male relative of a person being read.
K♠: The darkest coloring. From black hair to very dark brown eyes. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. May also represent a widower or divorced man. A man of authority, ambition, power, opportunistic.

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