Card Collection


Mandatory Online Inventory of Collection

Deck count: 403
Tarot count: 294

Oracle count: 109 decks

Tarot Collection
A.E. Waite [Standard English]
Alice Tarot [Standard Edition + LE Through the Looking Glass bag + LE Ace of Coins bag] x 2
Alice Tarot *giveaway compliments from the Baba Studio* [With choice of Hierophant bag]
Ancient Egyptian Tarot x 2
Ancient Italian x 3
Angel Tarot
Angel Tarot (Doreen Virtue)
Animal Lords
Apokalypsis Kit
Aquarian [Solid blue backs, Morgan Press]
Aquarian [Full bleed pattern backs, US Games]
Archeon [Given away]
Art Nouveau [Lo Scarabeo]
Art Nouveau Mini
Art of Love: Illuminating the Creative Heart
Astrology of Love Deluxe Box Set

Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot [1st Edition Kit housed in Libra Zodiac Cats bag]
Baroque Bohemian Cats [3rd Edition] x 2
Baroque Bohemian Cats [Mini with bag]
Baroque Bohemian Cats Gold Limited Edition #076 [Housed in Cats Sagittarius bag]
Baroque Bohemian Cats Gold Limited Edition Unopened!
Bird Tarot Card [Norisan] x 2
Blood Moon
Bohemian Gothic Silver Limited Edition #323 [Thank you TomTom!]
Bohemian Gothic 1st Edition
Bohemian Gothic 2nd Edition [Pewter edges] x 2
Bohemian Gothic 3rd Edition [One without box and in strength LE bag] x 2
Bohemian Gothic Mini x 2

Celtic Tarot [Courtney Davis]
Chrysalis Tarot x 2
Corrupt by Marcel Rutjers x 2 [78 cards]

Dame Darcy Tarot
Daniloff 78 card 1st Edition x 3 [#09,  #65 and I think #63]
Daniloff Tarot 2nd Edition x 2
Dark Angels Tarot
Dark Fairytale Tarot
Dark Grimoire
Dark Mansion [Standard] x 2
Dark Mansion [Limited Edition #0/500]
De la Nuit
Delos Tarot
Deviant Moon [Borderless Edition... At long last!!]
Distant Past Tarot [Bridge Size]
Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector's Edition
Dreaming Way
Dreams [3rd Edition] x 2
Dreams [Mass market]
Druid Craft Tarot [A gift from Ms. Jocelyn — Thank you!]

Eden [Sold]
Elf of Heaven x 2
Enchanted Tarot

Fairytale [Baba Studio, slight seconds]
Fairy Tarot Cards [Doreen Virtue]
Fantastic Menagerie
Fantastic Menaferie x 2 [Second Edition, Cold Stamped Metallic]
Floweriness Tarot
Fountain Tarot x 2

Gathering Magic Tarot [Limited Edition of 1]
Ghosts & Spirits
Gilded Royale [Of the first 200 copies with silk spreadcloth] x 2
Gilded Royale pocket
Goddess Tarot
Golden Botticelli x 2
Golden Tarot by Kat Black [One matte, one trimmed borderless] x 3
Golden Tarot of the Tsar
Golden Universal
Golden Wheel
Good Tarot
Greenwood x 2 [Pristine copies]
Greenwood [DIY from Mi-Shell] x 2
Guardian of the Night [Self-Published]

Halloween Kit
Halloween [In a tin]
Hanson-Roberts x 2
Heart of Stars [2nd Edition] x 2
Hello Kitty by Brittany Tingey x3
Hirajeta Tarot [First Edition] x 2
Homestuck x 2

Illuminated Tarot Dark Crystal Rose [Medium. Extra Glitter]
Illuminated Tarot [Medium, no glitter]
Illuminated Tarot Mystic Shadows [By far the most expensive deck I will likely ever own.]
Illuminated Tarot Original [Large. Double glitter & iridscence. Emphasis on gold & blue.]
Illuminati x 2
Impressionist Tarot
Inner Child Cards [Sold]

Joie de Vivre x 2
John Bauer
Jolanda [Destroyed in a hurricane. Need to buy backup]
Jonasa Jaus Tarot

Keishobo Tarot 1973 by Isao Nakai
Kitty Kahane Tarot x 3 [One German copy, two in English]

Legacy of the Divine
Legacy of the Divine [Self-published]
Legend of Zelda Tarot x 2
Light Grey Art Lab x 2
Light Visions Tarot #329
Llewellyn x 2
Loginova x 2
Lover's Path Tarot
Lovers' Tarot Deck
Ludy Lescot x 2
Lunar Fire Tarot x 2 [Project Terminated]
Lunatic Tarot x 2

Magic: The Gathering Tarot [My own creation, limited edition 1 of 1]
Marchetti Tarot [Self-published Edition]
Margarete Petersen
Marseilles [Naipes Fournier]
Marseilles [AGMüller]
Modern Witch
Moon Baby Tarot [2nd Edition]
Morgan Greer x 2 [Matte China printing]
Morgan Greer Pocket
Motherpeace Standard
Mystic Cats x 2
Mystical Manga Tarot
Mythic Tarot 1st Edition [Black backs + cloth] x 2

Nefertari's Tarot [Lo Scarabeo] x 2
New Palladini
New Spiritual
New Vision
New Vision Pocket
Nigel Jackson [Bought off Mary White's personal collection!]
Nightshade, Tarot of [One of only two made]
Nusantara x 2
Nusantara [3rd Edition]

Oliver Hibert Tarot Major + Minor Arcana [First Edition]
Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack
Ostara Tarot [Self-published Edition]
Ostara Tarot [Mass Market Edition]

Pagan Cats x 2
Paulina x 2
Pearls of Wisdom [2nd Edition][Sold]
Playing Marseille
Poison Cage x 3 [Gave one away]
Prague [1st Edition with Queen of Cups bag]
Prague [2nd Edition with Strength bag]
Prague [2nd Edition with double sided Wheel of Fortune bag, one of the last 15]
Prague [3rd Edition with 2 LE bags] x 3
Prisma Visions Tarot [1st Edition] x 4

Radiant Rider Waite Smith
Rider Waite Smith [Vintage '71 Edition]
Rohrig x 2
Rohrig [Editorial Sirio]
Round Egyptian
Russian by Victor Bakhtin [Sold]

Sacred Rose
Seventh Sphere x 2
Shadowscapes x 2
Silhouettes [1st Edition #181]
Silhouettes [Negative Edition #25]
Silhouettes [2nd Edition #0124 and #0125/#1000] x 2
Silver Era [Sold]
Soprafino Tarocco [il Meneghello Limited Edition 1,505/2000]
Sorcerer's Tarot x 3
Spirit [Pamela Eakins]
Steampunk by Barbara Moore x 2
Steampunk by Curlycue [Poker Size]
Steampunk by Curlycue [Limited Edition]
Stella Kaoruko x 3

Tarot of A.E. Waite x 3
Tarot of Metamorphosis
Tarot of the Dead
Tarot Royale
Tarotwave x 2
Third Eye
Thoth Greenie
Thoth Large
Thoth Russian [Tapo Tota - simulated greenie]
Thoth Small [Sold]
Thousand and One Nights
Touchstone Tarot
Trick of Tarot [Popular Edition]
Trionfi della Luna [English Edition]
Tyldwick Tarot [#16, may he RIP]

Universal Fantasy
Universal Waite [Pocket Edition]

Vampire [Nathalie Hertz]
Vertigo [1st Edition] x 2
Vertigo x 3 [20th anniversary edition]
Voyager [1st Edition]
Voyager Tarot [2nd Edition]
Victorian Fairy
Victorian Romantic [1st Edition housed in Star bag]
Victorian Romantic [Gold Edition] x 2
Victorian Romantic [2nd Edition] x 2
Victorian Romantic mini x 2 [Signed]
Victorian Romantic [3rd Edition] x 2
Victorian Romantic [4th Edition]
Vivid Journey Tarot
Visconti-Sforza [Pierpont Morgan]

Watchers Tarot by Oze69
Weird Cat Tarot
Wild Unknown x 2
Witches [1st Edition] Ellen Cannon Reed
Witches [2nd Edition] Ellen Cannon Reed
Witches [Ellen Dugan]
Wormweird x 2

Year of the Rabbit


8-bit Pocket
8-bit Standard

Oracle Collection
Angel Answers Oracle
Angel Dreams Oracle
Angelarium Book of Emanations
Angels of Abundance Oracle
Antiguo Juego del Destino
Archangel Michael Oracle
Archangel Oracle
Art Through the Eyes of the Soul

Breath of the Night Oracle

Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle

Faeries Oracle x2
Fallen Angel Oracle x3
Fin de Siécle Kipper Cads [Special Edition]

Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand
Gypsy Oracle
Gypsy Fortunes: Use the Magic of Romany Cards to Foretell the Future

Heart of Faerie x3 [This deck is now OOP]

Juego del Destino Antiguo

Kingdom of Outcasts, Art Playing Cards [CJ Freeman] Limited edition of 26.

Isis Oracle

Magical Messages from the Faeries Oracle
Magical Unicorn Oracle

Oracle of the Radiant Sun
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracle of Visions

Playing Card Oracles [1st "Vintage" Edition] x3
Playing Card Oracles [Large USgamesinc]
Playing Card Oracles [Pocket USgamesinc]
Playing Card Oracles [3rd Alchemy Edition Large] x2
Playing Card Oracles [3rd Alchemy Edition Pocket] x2

Romance Angels Oracle
Romance Angels Oracle [Holo pirated]

Sacred Symbols Oracle x 2
Sacred Traveler Oracle
Secret Arcana [Oliver Hibert]
Secret Language of Color Cards
Seventh Sphere Lenormand
Spirit Speaks Glitter Medium x 2
Symbolon Deck x3

Tall Temple Oracle
Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Victorian Flower Oracle
Vintage German Lenormand [Seven Stars]
Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
Witches' Wisdom Oracle
Witchling Book of Spells
Wonderland Oracle [Holo counterfeit deck]

Lenormand Collection

Blue Owl

Chelsea Lenormand [Blue]

Day of the Dead Lenormand [LE with Bear Bag & Standard]
Dreaming Way Lenormand

Golden Lenormand Oracle
Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand

Lenormand Revolution 1st Edition x 2
Les Vieux Jous Lenormand

Malpertuis Lenormand x 2
Old Arabian Lenormand x 2

White Owl

Pixie's Astounding Lenormand 2nd Edition

Postmark by tarotmama

Playing Card Collection
16th Century German Cards [Jost Amman reproduction]
16th Century French Cards [Pierre Marechal of Rouen reproduction]

American Civil War Era Cards [Lawrence and Cohen reproduction]
Anna & Clara Playing Cards
Anubis Playing Cards
Art Nouveau Playing Cards [Whist No. 260 reproduction]
Art Nouveau Playing Cards [Steinbach Pralent Altenburg-Stralsunder Playing Cards Box]

B. Dondorf GmBH Patience Game, The Baroness Whist No. 160

Dondorf Centennial Edition [The cards that broke Dondorf, new and sealed] x 2
Dondorf Shakespeare Drama No. 192, blue backs [My dream deck!]

Emily the Strange Playing Cards [Dark Horse, red gilded edges] x 2

Folklore Playing Cards [Piatnik] x 2

Gemini Noctis Playing Cards

Jeu Louis XV [Grimaud] x 2
Jeu Louis XV Vintage Replica [Grimaud] x 2

Olympia Underworld Playing Cards

Piatnik Luxury

Star Wars Theory11 Playing Cards [1 blue, 1 red] x 2

Vass Altenburg Salon Patience No.183 B [Deutsche Reich Tax Stamp 1923]
I asked my seller about these cards, and this is what he said:
There is a bit of history behind the cards. They belonged to my father who was born in 1896. He joined the navy (lied about his age,) and served on the Great White Fleet prior to WW1. He served in the Navy during WW2 on a mine sweeper. He was actually too old, almost 50, then. He told me that he got the cards and other items from a group of sailors that they rescued from a sunken German U boat. I would imagine that the card’s small size made them popular in the confined spaces of a submarine.

Whist No. 255 Blue Deck

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