008 poppy i disagree tour

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Caught Poppy in concert at The Fonda Theatre, where I have previously seen IAMX play twice. It has housed some shows I am very fond of and grateful to have had attended. The opening act VOWWS was most enjoyable for me, had an EBM / Darkwave style of music and I was delighted to see bigger acts sponsoring underground music. The music was dark and droning with the right amount of synths. The people in the band were in black capes with corpse make-up, which I also appreciated. All the goths at the venue were motivated to dance and loosen up for Poppy.

The new album has a great deal of aggressive tunes, which I always appreciate. I also appreciate Poppy's bad girl attitude. I see her as a strong, self-empowered female that is giving herself the opportunity to explore an edgy lifestyle. She's doing it, even with all the sacrifice that entails. And she's pulling it off. I liked the heavy music as much as I liked her Pop music. Now that she's no longer making more we can at least count on the assurance that whatever she makes next will likely still be good. I still found the music to have high tone, and I felt like I was at a goth event rather than an influencer's event. The show included nothing of Poppy's old Internet persona, as had been stipulated by the final decision of her lawsuit.

Everybody was having a good time, the crowd was amicable enough to be in. No tense moments or situations that needed resolving. There's usually a crazy hovering close by, but this wasn't the case this time around. Blessed by the Church of Poppy for the show, for sure gurl.

♡ Concrete
♡ Scary Mask
♡ X
♡ Play Destroy
♡ Fill the Crown
♡ Am I a Girl?
♡ Anything Like Me
♡ Nothing I Need
♡ All the Things She Said (t.A.T.u. cover)
♡ Sit / Stay
♡ Sick of the Sun
♡ Don't Go Outside

♡ Bite Your Teeth
♡ I Disagree

Loved the t.A.T.u cover. Appreciated the dark and aggressive lyrics. In my opinion the show delivered what it promised.

I had a lot of fun at the show. Chris treated me to a drink, we danced through the night and had persistent smiles on our faces. It was nice to be there in the true spirit of celebration. I feel grateful to be able to experience these amazing events in person. The energy that the crowd shares is very unique to the experience and connects everybody through their personal experiences they are re-living at the show. Even though the music was new to me — it is a fresh release... — I really enjoyed it. At times I felt as if I were listening to an Opeth album.

I have to be honest in that I liked Poppy's pop music. I hoped there would be more pop songs in the set but I respect the direction they went with, and agree artists grow along their sound. I'm fine with it and can appreciate both eras.

Poppy's outfit was a scandal. Her hair reminded me of Sailor Moon with the additional twist of her braiding her pigtails. She had a very sheer outfit that looked to be made of mesh or some similar translucent cloth. Her bottoms were ribbons tied down her legs similar to how ballerinas do it. All right!
The show was great. It had high energy and a whole lot of bubblegum pink-laced aggression. I found the performance active, minimalist but with great vocals. Afterwards we went to a diner so that I could re-live my late y2k memories. 🍔🍟 After indulging in a decadent meal, we went home and wound the night down with our cats. I went to bed smiling.