046 tarot diary

Friday, January 22, 2021

I started a new tarot diary. Since I am keeping it on Goodnotes I can share it here. I started it out with my number cards for 2021 and I included my signifier in the court cards. It was lots of fun, I'm looking forward to share more of these. 🔮✨

045 world of warcraft: kyrian coven

Friday, January 15, 2021

World of Warcraft was not my introduction to the realm of MMORPGs, but it certainly is my favorite one. I first checked it out sometime in 2005, the game was still brand new and was said to become the next best thing. In college I was exposed to it again as many of my friends were devout fans of the Horde faction, which was also the one I favored. I joined again as Tharja in the Ghostlands server, and now I've got a few characters scattered through other servers. My main is a Draenei Shadow Priest that I like to alternate to Holy Priest. My favorite toon is called Gloom and she is in the Skullcrusher server,  but I also have a void elf called Mortizia in Emerald Dream and she is a Death Knight.


Friday, January 8, 2021

Here is another embodiment of the Year In Review reading that I usually carry out but don't share online. Virtually the same thing but through the eyes of the Lenormand. The deck used here is Alexander Daniloff's Lenormand deck. I got it at the start of 2020 but haven't yet had the chance to review it. My copy has survived the bending of a few cards without any creasing, though, so I endorse it for its sturdiness against the many perils of my work desk. I never store it in a drawer, this deck stays where I can see it.

043 tarot projections for 2021

Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 may offer more new chapters than I am currently aware of, simply because I am seeking a change that will encourage the exploration of new horizons. I spent my late 20s dreading the idea that my lifestyle was going to change radically because I didn't yet have my license or even a body of work to show for myself... but all the old skeletons in my closet have since gone. I achieved much of what I put off for years because I didn't want the direction my life was going in to change. I finally came to a crossroads and understood that it was time to make the jump. Whenever I find myself in this position, I step forward with assurance even when the path I leave behind crumbles and dissipates. As much as we can be attached to the circumstances that keep us safe, those circumstances are temporary. We need to accept change in order to grow. 💀💀✨