043 tarot projections for 2021

Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 may offer more new chapters than I am currently aware of, simply because I am seeking a change that will encourage the exploration of new horizons. I spent my late 20s dreading the idea that my lifestyle was going to change radically because I didn't yet have my license or even a body of work to show for myself... but all the old skeletons in my closet have since gone. I achieved much of what I put off for years because I didn't want the direction my life was going in to change. I finally came to a crossroads and understood that it was time to make the jump. Whenever I find myself in this position, I step forward with assurance even when the path I leave behind crumbles and dissipates. As much as we can be attached to the circumstances that keep us safe, those circumstances are temporary. We need to accept change in order to grow. 💀💀✨

I am about to start taking my first few steps to detach from my old life. Crazy to think I spent ages 26, 27 and 28 thinking that this change couldn't possibly happen because I knew I wasn't ready to face it. I am very grateful my life circumstances have changed and have brought me to this point with some shake-ups but nothing that I could tell you wasn't necessary. OK, I've gone through this before and not hesitated, so why start now? I'm doing it. Goodbye to the past. I carry a heart swelling with gratitude for the love and support that sheltered me from the harshness of the world. I am very fortunate to count on my close circle, and happy that I made it through in such good shape. I'm ready to grow into my 30s and to explore this new lease life I have been blessed with.

Stepping away from my old line of work heralds winds of change. I spent 2020 immersed in my creative process, working with people on commissions, making personal work, completing artist studies, keeping a new sketchbook, finishing paintings I started. Who am I again? This is what I've dreamed of doing all my 20s! Thanks be to my guides and family. I will be making offerings of gratitude for years to come.

One of my resolutions for next year is to continue making personal art. I also wish to further explore my style, whose voice gets louder every time I paint a mew subject.


I added my birth date up with the current year to draw my own personal cards for the year. The first card I calculated was the Wheel of Fortune (X), and after taking the 0 out I arrived at The Magician (I). I intuit the year will be split or intertwining two phases of change and ideation.

A big turning point, one from which there is possibly no return. I have learned that while everything is up in the air and chaos reigns, the best thing to do is lay low and let it pass. It isn't until after the storm has stopped raging that you can take action and start to move things forward. For me I am in a turning point in my life and I welcome change, but I'm waiting to have the stability and stillness of things being back in balance to have more control over my circumstances.

This card means the ups and downs of fate and fortune. Role of luck. An unpredictable event. Destiny. Cycles of change. Turning point. Events taking place of their own accord, without conscious control. Permanent change of circumstance.

This one I like because it includes using the tools at your discretion to create, bring life to a concept or idea and put plans in action. This is also an indication of trickery and being taken advantage of if you don't mind the signs or little details of it happening.


The Hermit. Spending or needing time on your own to re calibrate, rest and think about the next steps in your journey. Introspection in quiet places or circumstances that let you truly hear your inner voice. Enforcing necessary boundaries and staying away from people that try to selfishly use or take up your time. Not being concerned by the expectations of others, and instead staying the course that feels natural towards higher learning.

The World. Accepting the responsibility of putting your knowledge into action. Live true to your ideals so that others may follow your example. Being bold, having a big personality, or being a personality that is recognizable on the Internet. Going in pursuit of new opportunities and broader horizons. A plan bearing augury of success.

The Magician. Creative thinking, a resourceful person that chooses better judgment over the impulse of being crafty or deceitful. A person who understands and therefore designs circumstances or strategies to have events go their way. An artist, creator or intelligent person that can use their tools to bring about growth or destruction depending on the intention. Someone who can talk their way out of anything.

Justice. Holding others accountable for their faults. Seeking balance in a situation that you feel has gone out of balance. A strong moral sense of justice that can be brought upon others at times they exhibit poor behaviors. Telling the truth according to your account regardless of how the person hearing it will feel. Taking matters into your own hands.

Queen of Cups. Sensitivity, introspection. A period of self-assessment and personal reflection. A warm, loving, sensitive woman. Loyal, honest and completely trustworthy. The motherly and nourishing type. Shy, but colorful in spirit. A wise person, possibly secretive and mysterious. Someone able to love very intensely without losing sense of self.

Eight of Swords. Feeling trapped by circumstances or mindsets. Being crippled by the influence of stress. Feeling trapped. Concealing or burying feelings of aggression. Allowing other people to control you. Acting polite or nice when it isn't genuine. Being unable to move on from something you know is not good for you.

Ace of Coins. Security, abundance, physical pleasure, wealth. A gift. Income. An excellent business opportunity. The promise of prosperity in the future. Burst of creativity in a craft.

Queen of Swords. Brilliant, distant and cold or unemotional person. Disconnected from others. Self-isolation. In relation to a problem it calls for clear thinking and detachment. Being strong-willed, honest and articulate. Reserved. Protective. Strategy.

Four of Coins. Achievement. Realization of goals. Worrying too much about material possessions. Being controlling, possessive or territorial. Unyielding, preferring to be ignorant. A tendency to miserliness.

Six of Cups. Memories.Thinking back on moments that hold emotional significance. The way memories run through the mind with translucent phantom hues. Childgood nostalgia. Sentimentality. Somebody what reminds you of the comfort of somebody you have known before. Caring for someone more vulnerable. Indulging in simple, childish pleasures.

Death. An abrupt but definitive end to a chapter of your life. Release from old patterns. The end of something that has become burdensome or meaningless. Final closure of an important part of your life. A difficult transition that will shake you to the core. Crossing into a new phase of life.

Ace of Coins. Security, abundance, physical pleasure, wealth. A gift. Income. An excellent business opportunity. The promise of prosperity in the future. Burst of creativity in a craft.


Eight of Coins. Working hard and diligently, having a massive or overwhelming pile of tasks to take care of. The process of creating a meaningful life. Artisanship, though not yet in a state of mastery.

The Hanged Man. This was a very interesting card pull, one that stood out for me because it has been frequent in my personal readings. Reversing the values most people live by, seeking strength and justice rather than personal profit or power. Alternative lifestyle that most wouldn't understand. Enlightenment.
New perspective. Letting go of ego. Seeing past limitations. A deep attachment to what matters most to a person. Reversal of normal values. Following your own beliefs.

RX: Listening to other people or social pressure rather than your own values. An unwise sacrifice. Confusion, unable to understand what is going on around you.

The World. Personal success, manifestation of the self. A strong voice either online or in person.

I intend to dedicate the rest of the year to making creative work I am proud of, as well as eventually building up the courage to share my work online. While I am excited to share it, it's definitely going to be a very big step for me. I've also got a rather sizable backlog to work through that has discouraged me from tackling the task... But I've got all year to summon my strength.

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