045 world of warcraft: kyrian coven

Friday, January 15, 2021

World of Warcraft was not my introduction to the realm of MMORPGs, but it certainly is my favorite one. I first checked it out sometime in 2005, the game was still brand new and was said to become the next best thing. In college I was exposed to it again as many of my friends were devout fans of the Horde faction, which was also the one I favored. I joined again as Tharja in the Ghostlands server, and now I've got a few characters scattered through other servers. My main is a Draenei Shadow Priest that I like to alternate to Holy Priest. My favorite toon is called Gloom and she is in the Skullcrusher server,  but I also have a void elf called Mortizia in Emerald Dream and she is a Death Knight.

The journey to level 60 took well over a few weeks, and I have more characters to find armor for than I can count, but I love the worlds and their creepy creatures. The quest names are riddled with puns and musical allusions, as Blizzard's brand embraces humor even if it has a dark and deadly exterior.

Currently I am trying to raise my covenant renown. I am hoping to get some good gear so I can go do some dungeons, eventually I may try raiding. The rest of this week will be dedicated to getting the Larion mount, which is perhaps my favorite creature encountered so far and the reason why I went with Bastion's covenant, Kyrian. Well, that and the really pretty Herculean-style design. Greek mythos is fascinating and I am very happy to see the artistic translations of cultural influence in-game.

I've been toying with the idea of making a tarot deck with screen shots from the game, if not now then in the eventual future. I'd love to see these creatures featured in both the Strength and Chariot card. I'm always thinking about creative things I can make surrounding divination and mysticism. It's ingrained in my identity and regardless of how the rest of the world sees it, is something I am very proud of.

Shortly after winning the achievement we went to Stormwind for a celebratory soar through the moonlit sky. It's the little details that make life sweet.

Selfie time

Anima shards are the crystals we were farming for the quest.

Ever since I entered the Shadowlands I knew for sure I wanted to have a Larion. The Kyrian mount seems to be a Phalynx, but I'm extra so I'm planning on devoting time to get all three Larion mounts. The other two require a quest and an exalted reputation with the Kyrians, so I've got many weeks to go before I can make another post about my favorite aereal kitty.

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