Friday, January 8, 2021

Here is another embodiment of the Year In Review reading that I usually carry out but don't share online. Virtually the same thing but through the eyes of the Lenormand. The deck used here is Alexander Daniloff's Lenormand deck. I got it at the start of 2020 but haven't yet had the chance to review it. My copy has survived the bending of a few cards without any creasing, though, so I endorse it for its sturdiness against the many perils of my work desk. I never store it in a drawer, this deck stays where I can see it.

Reading Lenormand is very easy. It's brief, terse and to the point. One card on the table affects the nexts, and they read together as words do in a sentence. It's more straightforward than tarot in structure and interpretation, and has the base of a strong system with the playing card inserts.

Its been a very busy past few months. I am publishing Lenormand, tarot and playing card projections for 2021 in this blog in an effort to bring positivity to its readers.


Dog. Friendship, loyalty. Caring for those close to you, lending a hand when you can, being good towards others, positivity, good nature. People who help you.

Ten of Hearts.Victory, emotional fulfillment, happiness, enjoyment, amusement, emotional commitment, marriage, compatibility. Heat, warm weather, summertime.

Moon. Moodiness, dark side exposed, anxiety, feelings running high, keeping secrets, being caught in cycles. Recognition, praise, imagination, artistic sense, attractiveness, fame.

Eight of Hearts. Mutual feelings, happiness, comfort, sharing with another, togetherness, working together with another, a couple, emotional connection, emotional balance, warmth, enjoyment, relaxation, protection.

Lily. Purity, honesty, simplicity, sexuality, springtime, reproduction, beauty, peace, calm, retirement, maternity, wisdom

King of Spades. A man of authority, ambition and power. Divorced or widowed, an older man, a leader, lawyer, judge, police officer, health specialist, man from a foreign country. He can be arrogant, opportunistic, deceptive, cold, calculating, shrewd, possessive, emotionally controlled, detached, a rival in business or love.

Whip. Stress, duress, trouble, strain, being treated roughly, enduring stress over a consistent period of time, arguments, punishment, physical activity.

Jack of Clovers. A hard-working, honest, sincere young person. He is a busy, active young person, most often male. He is clever and enterprising. He enjoys sports, and may participate in school or community football, baseball, soccer, etc. He can represent an employee, and often denotes a young acquaintance from work. Or he could be a close friend or business associate who is going to be useful to the inquirer in some way. He may wear a uniform that symbolizes his work or rank.

Man. Dealing with a man popping up, masculine traits, male influence, displaying masculine behavior, a male friend.

Ace of Hearts. Happiness, the home, residence, family, love, friendship, joy, source, the start of a romance, situations within the home based on surrounding cards. Beginning of emotional period. Positive energy. The soul.

Heart. Romantic love, expressing feelings for someone, crying, sentimentality, affection. Passion, caring for others.

Jack of Hearts. A close friend or loved one, brother, son, boyfriend. A good-natured young person of either sex but usually a young male. Actor, artist, poet, student of the arts. Could be immature and emotionally insecure young man.

Rider. News, quick events, a person from the past returning, a surprise, a turn of events, messages, someone new entering the querent's life, short-term visitor, well-dressed.

Nine of Hearts. Wish, hope, dream, aspiration, your wish comes true, success, accomplishment, desires fulfilled, positive outcome.

Bouquet. A gift, beauty, well-intended gestures, being catered to, feeling wanted or admired, favorable attention, a young woman with dark hair.

Queen of Spades. An ambitious, skillful, intelligent woman. Divorced or widowed, lonely, an older woman, may be from a foreign country, a leader, lawyer, health specialist, clever, capable of conniving and plotting, spiteful and catty, deceptive, cold, calculating, emotionally controlled or detached, a gossip, a rival in love or business.

Stork. New beginnings, change, migration, relocation, movement, slim or skinny, long legs, graceful.

Queen of Hearts. A kindly maternal woman. Family orientated, mother, wife, sister, aunt. Trustworthy. Passionate, romantic, creative, and artistic. Can be overly sensitive.


Tower. Place of work, confinement, isolation, institution, feeling jailed by circumstances, government, legal system, hospital, someone from your past, self-employment.

Six of Spades. Troublesome times. Bad luck. The end of a venture. Traditionally a card of completion, the end of one phase and the beginning of the next, a permanent ending, a situation or relationship that has run its course, the need to let go, releasing what no longer serves, a parting of ways, moving on to something new, making progress, a moving force, a move to a new residence, a mode of transportation, a car, truck, bus, train.

Child. New beginnings, impulse, something small, innocent, immature, playful, irresponsible, fun.

Jack of Spades. A skillful, clever young person, most often male. A soldier or cadet, a police officer, a young person from a foreign country, a young leader. May be unsettled, erratic, emotionally inconsistent, a youth in trouble, a bully, a gang member, a juvenile delinquent, cold, calculating, emotionally controlled, detached, a liar, a spy. Can represent dark thoughts, or the thoughts of the King or Queen of Spades.

Clouds. Dark omens, bad luck, trouble, lack of foresight or clarity, unexpected negativity, mature man with brown hair.

King of Clovers.
A generous, enthusiastic, socially active man. He has excellent business sense, and may own his own business. He might be a successful entrepreneur, a business executive, a college professor, or a professional athlete. He could be a male colleague or business associate. He could be the seeker’s boss or best friend. He is a reliable friend and trusted adviser, and he is generally a married man.

Lady. Prioritize yourself. Grow your talents, for you.

Ace of Spades. Endings to problems or circumstances that aren't sustainable.

Cross. Endings, burdens, pain, death, loss, hardship, sorrow, destiny, guilty conscience, religion, a place of worship.

Six of Clovers. Traditionally a card of movement, progress and completion in business or social matters. An opportunity to resolve problems, taking responsibility for a problem or situation and doing whatever is necessary to ensure success. Communion, sharing one’s thoughts and ideas, negotiations, banter, talk, and other forms of communications including hand gestures, body language, the media, and the written word. Good counsel, trusted advice, knowledge, reading, study and learning.


Mountain. Things to remain the same, slowly overcoming big obstacles, delays, an enemy, stubborn, cold-hearted.

Eight of Clovers.
Represents  day-to-day activities or daily routine. It indicates how someone spends their time. Most people spend the greater part of their days working, so this is also the “work” card. It can represent a job, or what one does for a living. This card can also denote “working something out.” Also the card of business or social and sharing and reciprocation. It can indicate conversations and discussions, meetings, conference, seminar, symposium, forum, round-table discussion, etc.

Aren't these illustrations beautiful? I love the abstracted celestial bodies!

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