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Thursday, October 31, 2019

My first season of Autumn spent in Beverly Hills has been spicy and adventurous. I love my new home. My spirit has yearned to feel the winds of change for years. With great joy I name today the inaugural launch of my new blog and online persona, Psychic Gloom. With this new guise I lay my old Internet identity to rest. I am finally burying that name and the associations that came with it. I am free to explore the personality I have matured into, to pursue new hobbies and to share it online in journal entries.
My spirit has yearned to feel the winds of change for years.

It is my wish to to pick the forgotten dream of the online journal back up. Samhain Moon would have been 9 years old today. How time flies! A genuine thank you goes out to all of you that accompanied me through the journey and found your way here today.

I get emotional about change and I resist it despite all of the signs my life gives me that it's time to let go and move on. I hang onto it to the very last moment when it comes to matters of the heart, or my line of work. The things I love I try to hang onto. For some reason the same goes for fear. The feeling of letting go pushes intense feelings to rip through me like vicious ocean waves: fear, excitement, recklessness, bravery, growth. All bubbling inside you.

I lived in Los Angeles for seven years before moving here. Lucky no. 7.

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These are the focal points of my blog. I'm sure about another decade out things will be very different than how they are today, but that's just part of the journey. We're all going through it. I've learned to listen to the signs when life says it's time to get going. Keeping the flow going is conductive to growth. Here's to the next decade.

Cheers, keep going.

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