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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Just had to force myself away from the loving grip of my Nintendo Switch console. And, boy was that a challenge... I'm hooked!!!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given me the opportunity to spend time with my friends from abroad, and to make many new friends online. The online community is extremely active and kind. I have only had positive experiences so far.This game is awesome! More things to come for it... I'm looking forward to the coffee shop and to see Reese again. Reese was my favorite NPC in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. We got real close with all those transactions... I am so obsessed that I play the game for over 7 hours a day. I am having a great time playing it.

I had a very positive experience visiting the mystery islands as I cycled through my villagers in search of my favorite one, Pietro. Even though I didn't find him through the mystery islands, I found most of my villagers there. The first one I ever got but didn't invite was Stitches. I regretted it immediately after it happened, but I was a woman with a plan to get her dream villager. That night I ended up settling for Drago, a very cute dragon type villager in the alligator species. Shortly after Drago came Peanut, who really reminds me of my cat Frost. Peanut won me over by being so sweet. She dreams of being a pop star one day, but for now she is enjoying her time in my island called Gloomville.


One night I cycled through my villagers and got Whitney, Sprinkle, Diana, and Lily. All on the same night. I screamed when I got Lily because I really wanted her. By the end of the night the last villager I invited to my campsite was Marina. She ended up being so cute as well. I loved talking to her, and that cute pink bow on her head. If Hello Kitty turned into an octopus she would become Marina.

Next day I got Marshal in the campsite, but he turned me down. I didn't think I'd be able to talk him into moving so I let him go. Eventually he also came to me in an island. I traded Fauna out and got Ankha, then I got Pietro and Lobo.

The journey to get Pietro took me a few weeks. Must have gone on at least 300 trips to mystery islands. I got really stressed out the day I was trying to cycle for an unwanted villager. I must have spent at least three to four days of fruitless searching and fruitless cycling. The night of the trade especially was nervously exciting, but also very very irritating. The game didn't make it easy for me to get what I wanted. The villager I needed to let go wouldn't leave, so I let Diana go. I know, I'm insane... but I got her back the next day in a trade. I missed her overnight and wanted to see her walking around the island still. Fortunately that trade ended up being much more smooth, and the person I visited to get her had a really cool island.

Talking to Pietro in-game to invite him back to my island made me unreasonably happy. I felt I was achieving a goal when I asked my dream villager to move into my island. My heart swelled when I saw his house and went to it. It's a beautiful cloud in the sky with fairground decorations. I love it in there and want to replicate his room in my house to the best of my ability. This is a villager I will talk to every day, build around to make comfortable, and enjoy

After breaking some real sweats and having an anxiety attack I finally got somebody to ping. The person who let me adopt Pietro out got a hefty tip for letting me bring my new best friend home to Gloomville. I was so happy I kept chiming "honk honk!!" in every now and then. Chris was nice about it when it happened; he didn't grill me for my excitement over Pietro.

I feel torn because I want to try new villagers out to check out their personalities and enjoy the thrill of the hunt all throughout the mystery islands, but I don't want to let go of any of my villagers. I think Drago is probably going to go for a while to allow Marina or Whitney back into my island. I have my heart set to give Drago to one of my friends when he has a villager with a thought bubble that wants to try a life in new horizons. I'd also like to meet Audie, whom my friend Elli got in her island. I went over for 569 on the turnips the other day and made a pretty penny. I originally got them for 100!

After getting an amazing roster of villagers I found my island had filled up with rare hybrid flowers that I had started breeding. They exploded all over the island! I started inviting my friends over to raid the goods. I realized all my old bulletin board posts were gone! Sad day. There were cool drawings in there...

Then I got this crazy idea one afternoon when I was looking for a good reason to invite people over to admire my island...

What started out as an idea to throw a fun event for other fans of Animal Crossing turned into a lifelike working industry. For a flat rate fee I let everybody in with their shovels and they can dash to fill their inventories with rare hybrid flowers such as blue roses, blue windflowers, purple windflowers, blue hyacinths, purple hyacinths, black cosmos, purple tulips, orange tulips. I've had over 70 trips to come and raid my island and it has been the best fun I have had so far on Animal Crossing. On my shop I take great pride when users post asking if I have green mums and I respond with the new slogan "more than you can carry!!!" It's the little things...

The event has been hugely successful and has run for two days. I hire a cleaning crew after the carnage to pick basic flowers, dig up holes, relocate the flowers into appropriate patches and generally clean my island up for the next event. Then I get into breeding. I let my helpers get good selections of my rare hybrids and I feel I have immense support from the community. The events will run for as long as the people want them. And in the meantime I am having lots of fun parody roleplay as a very loud, bustling merchant. I'm living my best life, I tell you.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has really changed my life. It was even more of a positive experience than Animal Crossing: New Leaf was for me. I started playing Animal Crossing on the same day I left Puerto Rico to move to Los Angeles. I played it on the entire plane ride. I played it every day since and it was my way of relaxing after a long day of work. Back then I lived alone and had a very interesting time mixing video games with a very exciting new social life and the slew of adventures that followed.

If you'd like to bring your shovel and raid Gloomville's rare flowers, get in touch with me. Right now I am rewarding people who show me screen shots in my island or making memes with screen shots taken in my island.

I'd love to get more involved in the community for the months to come. And with the mania hitting fresh I have been considering picking New Leaf back up from where I left it. I was completing the catalog when I last played. I also still don't have Pietro...

Right now I'm breeding a field of blue roses for tomorrow's event. I am very excited for it! It will be completely filled in before participants arrive at Gloomville with their shovels out. I realized everybody got different color schemes in their games, which is really awesome and kind of insane.

The game is meant to be played at a slow pace and I'm cool with that. I've got big plans for the future of Gloomville, but what I have going on now with the flower shop experience wouldn't really permit me to make it comfortably. Luckily I have an amazing squad that I hire to help me clean up. So far I've had 7 very helpful people clean up my island. I rewarded them all with all-you-can-shop trips to my island where they could take whichever flower they wanted. They loved it.

Very grateful for the scale of the interest in what I am doing, and the support of some very lovely people on the Internet. In the future I think I may see some villagers move on to other islands to make space for new interactions and new villagers to befriend.

Something that I'm really excited about doing further down the line is a skull waterfall. It's going to have three layers and will lead to a pond in a second tier. I imagine that it will get very messy when I compare what I want to do with the terraforming posts I see on my different Animal Crossing groups I am a part of.

I have found that I really enjoy how differently everyone is building their island. Some of the things I have encountered have been very creative. Often I have found myself wanting to make some Animal Crossing art. I imagine there will be lots and lots of villager art because I love their designs so much!

I couldn't pass up all the popular villagers I came across, although I did run away from Octavian three times. Sorry, I'm not interested in a cranky octopus... Don't come for me, gurl.

Eventually I'd like to see if I can invite Bunnie, Wolf Link, Coco, Marina, Muffy, Static, Pecan, Whitney, or Kiki back to my island. I really love the cat villagers as well, but I don't quite see the appeal to the smug business cat, Raymond. More hot takes in less than five minutes? I'm sorry, I roll that way. Got to be honest, he just seems like a really mean boss you'd encounter in an office scenario. No thank you, that's no life for me! I hear some people like to dress him in maid outfits... I find Marshal to be much cuter with his big bratty boy eyes. I like them to be sassy. Y'know I like my bad boys...

Don't judge me for the tickets, line of birds on the bulletin board, or peaches on the ground... I was very busy that day when this scene happened. lol

I love that you get to form relationships with your villagers and with the people helping you play the game.

Please shut the door... I'm busy...

A week after the game came out, Chris and I went on a date to his island. I brought him more items from the diner set. We showed off our favorite bugs, he had me meet the pet tarantula he keeps in his very cool room room which he affectionately called Hermann, we scouted the island and admired the new moon, and had fun doing it.

No matter where you're at in the game, don't pressure yourself to achieve all your goals in the same month.The beauty is in going through stages. Hope you're having fun if you're still playing.

While we're all waiting these tough times out, we can still have fun. Video games have been a huge help to me during this pandemic. Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes me feel that I can still have something pleasant to look forward to and enjoy. With no end yet in sight I think I will have to keep talking myself into being patient, but at times I get really sad because I miss my family. We've had to cancel two trips, which are usually important ones for us. We keep it present that staying in is our safety and the assurance we can meet again instead of being rushed to a grave site without a proper viewing wake.

I am hopeful that when I come out of this I will get the chance to hug my friends again without fear. I day dream of the days of being in good company and hearing the insane survival stories from the people I have been rubbing shoulders with for the past 7 years of my life. Los Angeles is an amazing city, a difficult one to live in but still a place of adventure and self-discovery. I hope to be able to keep enjoying it for the years to come.

Until then, you have my love. Please stay safe.

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