041 mom's birthday

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A few days ago my mother took a set of flights to come meet me. It was the first time we had seen one another since December 24th, 2019. It had almost been a year. The days leading up to the trip were anxiety-inducing. We mailed her out a hazmat suit, subjected her to quarantine and to a covid test prior to her arrival. Finally, the drive over to the airport felt like an eternity.

When I saw her in person I felt my spirits lift. There was an intense sense of joy washing over us all. Chatting excitedly, showing her around my home I've talked to her about endlessly finally. Taking her to the market and then home to enjoy a quiet night of getting settled. The days that came after were also fun and joyful. We got take out and sat in the living room all dressed up, having drinks and enjoying the company of the cats. Amazing to be around somebody I thought about daily. This year I took my lunches by her and my grandfather's photo. Being able to see her face to face made a huge difference to me.

The birthday festivities have been really fun, so much in fact I haven't remembered to take many pictures. I just wanted to experience the magic first hand. Despite being surrounded by the threat of a looming invisible virus, we have managed to enjoy simple pleasures such as the hot tub and home cooked meals. This visit has been 2020's saving grace.

Hand over the tuna and no one gets hurt.

The cats are the real stars of 2020. They are the most loving pets I've had the pleasure of caring for. This year was the most isolating I have ever experienced. It pushed so many of us to leave what is comfortable to go in search of new horizons. ACNH in March was just training wheels for the mindset I'd enter later in the year. It's time for a change, and I am ready to go in pursuit of one.

Until then, I will be enjoying my Mom's company. Happy end to 2020!

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