071 Commencement Collateral Package

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Awarded a Silver Addy by the American Advertising Foundation.
Awarded the University & College Designers Association’s Award of Excellence. 27a. Best use of color in a printed publication-two colors or less.


Pre-press experience.
Made on Adobe InDesign.

In the spring of 2010 I interned at the Ringling College Design Center, a in-house design studio for the Ringling College of Art and Design. Ringling College is one of the top Graphic Design schools. Directed by Jennifer Mumford-Brady and Holly Antoszewski, who mentored me with invaluable advice I still apply today.

This is the crown jewel of honors for any Graphic + Interactive Communications student of Ringling College of Art and Design. I applied to the exclusive, competitive Ringling College Design Center for an internship and was accepted. In a class of 110 students, only 6 get the honor. The Ringling College Design Center selected the Commencement Collateral Package, which includes tickets, program booklet, stationary invitations with custom die cut and heavy card stock with a skin feeling to it. The collection is a tactile experience.

Through this privileged experience I got first hand experience into how academics direct the creative process. I got to make two trips to the printing press where I had the honor of proofing the printed concepts. Seeing my cookie and red toned paper running through a Heidelberg made my heart swell with pride. I am passionate about vintage printing presses, and seeing my own project filling the walls of a warehouse is to date the most proud I have felt about anything I have achieved. Primarily because it was an honor for me to see my work in everybody's hands on the day I graduated. That was my reward for those four hardworking years of my college career. The project had a budget of $20,000.

This project was based off a quote by George Bernard Shaw. The inside of the invitations have paths listing and celebrating the community of illustrious artists that emerge from Ringling College.

"Do not go where there is no path, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Our paths were about to go all over, and the message I was sending was to stay true to your inner voice. It is empowering to have others recognize us for what makes us stand out, or different. With so many obstacles to staying authentic with original or concept art, it's those that think outside the box who ultimately end up getting noticed and celebrated. This quote echoes my sentiments, I want my work to dazzle even though it doesn't look like all the trends surrounding it.

As you opened the invitation you would come to realize the invitation is cut in the shape of an arrow. The lines are representational of our paths, some straight and some winding.

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