082 photo diary

Saturday, October 22, 2022


The winds of change blow every October. I've had an exciting year laden with both blessings and challenges. I adopted a pomsky puppy named Lyra Storm despite longstanding plans to adopt a hairless cat. When I first saw her online I imprinted immediately. When they handed her to me, my first memory of her is seeing her bright smile. There were stars in her eyes when she first saw me. In that moment my heart melted and she became mine forever. I wanted to name her Rei which is Japanese for spirit. Astro decided we should maintain the space theme so I named her after a constellation. When I see her I think of storm clouds, bears and foxes.🦊🧸⭐


⭐ Final Cages show
⭐ Started a family with Astro Boy
⭐ Still can't believe I interviewed with video game mastodon ACTIVISION!
Forest Lawn drive-thrus
Mom met Astro


Radiating joy all around! Lyra greets me lovingly and enthusiastically every time I approach her. Our friendship is solid. I have moved out of the Smokehouse and often miss walks to the train station and drives through the cemetery with Dijon Marquise. My heart is full. 💖

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