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Monday, August 19, 2019

Oregon Trip
Chris and I flew to Oregon and drove to Washington to stay in a lovely house by the river. The trip got started on a high note as we enjoyed drinks at the airport. I had a blended drink similar to an Adios, but it was more sugary and also more potent. He had a double shot of whiskey with Coca-Cola. The time we spent sitting at the bar felt like a romantic date. I was happy to be going on an adventure, since I didn't know what to expect. Going to a forest town is a desirable experience for me and this one proved to be rewarding.

We cracked discrete jokes during the plane ride and rode calmly. It was my first time traveling on a plane with a significant other. I spent most of it playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I didn't notice time was passing. It wasn't very long before we had arrived. The airport was nice, laid back and had a friendly vibe. The staff made conversation with us. It was nice. The ride to the house was even nicer. Fobby blankets wove around the trees. It was a green, brown and gray sight. The trees were so tall and beautiful. I felt like I was living in a dream.

On our first night there I was pretty nervous. It was my first time meeting Chris' parents. They were lovely; made us feel right at home and opened the doors of their home to welcome me into the family. I felt very comfortable in their space and loved their band of mischievous sphynx cats: Monkey, Mylo, Macy, and Mouton. Monkey is my favorite because he looks like a villain with his hooked elf ears and his icy blue eyes. He was the first of the cats to cuddle in my lap. I believe he was there for a few hours. All the others enjoyed sitting on my laptop keyboard, which I am used to from Teemo and Frost. I am the sphynx cat whisperer.

I fell into a routine I quite enjoyed. Getting up before Chris and slipping into a hidden room to work. I'd pull my daily card and write diary entries while enjoying the natural light and the blue jays hopping around in the back yard. There were all kinds of birds living there, making my work days more pleasant. I'd slip out to join them for breakfast, video games and chasing the four sphynx cats around the house.The food we had was amazing every single day. Savory delights and time spent enjoying the present moment.

On Friday night we hopped in the car and drove out to the river where we had dinner at Clark & Lewie's. I had mimosas while Chris delighted in his whiskey. As we spoke the thunder rolled into the river and the other guests were very excited for the light show. We had a pleasant dinner with a storm brewing all around us, talking about our lives and sharing a romantic moment together. On the way back we stopped for some wine and to my dismay the black cherries I had seen the day prior had sold out. You won't believe this, but when we got to the house his family had us try some tacos they had made. I regret nothing. The tacos were amazing.

During this trip I got to meet Chris' lively uncle, with a personality so big he reminded me of people back home in Puerto Rico. His wife was very nice, and so were Chris' parents, grandmother and brother. Despite it being so busy we also got to spend time alone together, which made me feel very happy. We made plans to go to Disneyland with his uncle in October, adding to the stack of plans we've made for the autumn. I'm very excited! This is my most favorite season and I get to spend it with my beloved doing things we both love.

On our last day in town we went out to lunch for another date, just missing a store that had vintage toys, games, comics, music, etc. Peering through the boarded up windows we could tell it was a time machine and that we would have loved looking through its time worn treasures, but it wasn't meant to be this time around. Another time, perhaps. We snuck some Pokémon Go time before heading back to the house to prepare for travel.

At the airport we got matching cat pins. We sat at a bar and I brainstormed for this blog, going over some of my plans for my creative career. As I told him about the issues I was having with being consistent in my art, the bartender chimed in with his own two cents. It was the perfect way to wind down our trip. I felt my heart had soothed and my future was molding back into one that I could be excited about. I am very happy that I get to share my life with a guy that I love this much.

The Midnight
The Midnight at The Novo Sept 27. It's our third time watching this band play live.

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