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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In 2016 I went to see It: Chapter I with Niki and Dean. I found the movie to be elegant but very very dark. The stories pulled at my heart strings, and I found the events inside the old house stressful. It was every bit the creepy thriller I hoped it would be. I had my hand held, which I was grateful for. That was the first time I've had that sense of comfort. I had a great adventure that day, so I'm glad I get to continue the adventure.

This time I get to enjoy the movie with Chris, and I am very excited for it. We're watching it this coming Thursday. One of our last night caps before we move under the same roof together.

One of the many perks to living in Los Angeles is all the cool pop-up events we get to enjoy. Some of them end up becoming permanent, such as the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood. It'll likely be our destination right after going to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters next December. Much excite!

On August 27th we made our way to Hollywood for the IT: Chapter II experience. We dropped by the Cabo Cantina to delight in margaritas and fajitas first, because priorities... and had a delightful time together. Chris buddied up with the bartender and I got my Pokémon Go fix. As we left the bar we made our way down the Hollywood walk of fame, braving the scorching Los Angeles summer heat and a less than kind staff. It wasn't really very long before the group was pushed into the swirling candy cane red and white room. The portal to the dark experience.

We participated in the water gun game. I won the ring toss which got me a special poster that we will be framing in our new space. The carnival had creepy emcees telling us we were not likely to make it out alive. In we went, hypnotized by the candy stripe red and white spirals. It didn't take very long before we were in darkness and our beloved Los Angeles was left behind. The environment is delightful, creepy. It would be best if you got to go through it in pairs, but our group was polite and pleasant to be around.

Room through room we went, passing through many of the rooms and feelings from the movie. We got a few sneak peaks without them being spoilers. None of which I should really talk about, but in one of them I got to crank the jack-in-the-box lever. The experience probably scared me the most when the bugs came out around Chinese take out boxes strewn on a round table. I wasn't ready. It got the scream out of me that cranking the jack-in-the-box lever didn't. Pennywise's riot through the room was every bit what you'd want from the fearsome dancing clown. Loud, abrupt and fast. After we survived the tour, we got a shirt and lapel pins. We made our way back smiling. It was really cool despite the wait in the scorching heat. It was a great moment as we wound down our mint and rose-colored synthwave summer. A fun experience overall.

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