022 gloomville's skull waterfall

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I've been playing Animal Crossing:New Horizons whenever I have some spare time... which isn't often, but I still try to squeeze it in. I've also been organizing upcoming tour exchanges with friends, and having people over to shop for flowers. We keep the party rolling as we can. I updated all my beaches and added new features to the island, the most exciting of which is a new skull waterfall. After enjoying it for about a week now I have decided I must make another one. May they continue to multiply.


I loved the new pirate set that came out so I bought a few to decorate my beaches, and now they look much more like I originally envisioned for them to. It would be nice to figure out what to do with the mermaid set, but as it turns out that set doesn't match my house. I've only just gotten started redecorating the island, and this is a process I expect to be ongoing.

I decided to sprinkle flowers throughout the beach to add to the aesthetic appeal of the island's beaches, enhanced the purple hyacinth flower bed, as well as the black lily flower patch. I moved cliffs around a little, added a new flight of stairs which really opens up the flow of the island. One day I hired someone to come over to the island to help me relocate all the flowers to build a new skull waterfall. The process was surprisingly quick, I thought I'd spend all night on it. At max it took thirty minutes, but the joy and the smiles definitely lasted all night. I can't wait for you to see the way I've set it all up!


In terms of villagers, I've been surprised to find that there was room for improvement. Some villager you don't click with as much as you like. I let a few villagers go and welcomed Muffy, Julian and Beau to my island. As soon as Beau asks to move out I'm going to invite Peanut back to my island. I also considered inviting Poppy or Punchy to my island. The final roster seems to be an elusive concept, as much of a unicorn as the one go-to tarot deck is for most readers...


I visited a few islands I thought were very beautiful as well. It's great seeing how far creativity can stretch in this game. If you've got an island you want me to come check out, please feel free to get in touch with me to arrange a tour. Currently I am on the search for Japanese villages, Kingdom Hearts islands, a horror island, and a Disneyland themed island in case you know of any you want to send my way.

I've been going on and on about the construction of this idea since the game launched in March. I told pretty much everybody over and over... And after putting it off so I wouldn't have to deal with mess, I decided I was ready to face the challenge. It hurt a little to watch the original island fall under the guise of remodeling and mixing/matching.  Originally I wanted the skull to have a nose, but since it wouldn't let me fit a flower on the center tooth, I took it out and filled it all in with lily of the valley flowers. In my opinion they look like skulls. It has been really surreal seeing my island so bare, but I don't expect I'll keep it that way for long. It won't be long before it's completely overrun with flowers again...

Eventually I will build a second island for you to enjoy. Until then, please stay safe and healthy.

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