025 exploring eorzea

Thursday, August 27, 2020

So as it turns out Square-Enix took the story very seriously in this game, and while you could skip it like I want to do, it's worth listening and tuning in. I definitely don't like the time-consuming aspects of watching clips, but they have so far been building up the tension. I guess I'm just not much of a story person. I've also been exploring adjacent cities to the one I started out in. I really like how users gather in the main square and do mob dances, or dance in outrageous outfits to call attention. A good laugh for sure. I have seen a lot of contrast between cute and serious styles of design and illustration. I laugh a little whenever a character is dressed super out of place when compared to the others in a room. Very Final Fantasy of them, I must say. It's just on brand. 🌵

I love all the seasonal decorations and fireworks in-game. Slowly getting used to reading the map. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that you must go through and unlock all of the game's features. It'll tour you through Eorzea, and there is so much to do that at times I get a little overwhelmed. I haven't even been to the Gold Saucer yet... Slowly getting attuned to all nearby Aetherite crystals. While you can do as many dungeons as you like to level up, I have found there is a discrepancy between where I am at in the game and my character's power. It is important to keep track of job quests, main story line and additional features that need to be unlocked. It's a lot to take in, but believe me when I say they try to walk you through it slowly so that you'll retain all the information. They really do all that is possible to get you invested in the story, whether you like it or not.

The game is very stylish in all of its features and what you can wear. Glamours allow you to look however you want while masking gear that is useful. For all you voyeurs out there... 🌚🌚 I also like that you can change your race and the server you are on to play with your friends. The versatility means I can link with different friend groups. Although to be honest I should focus on unlocking the dungeons and upgrading from Thaumaturge to Black Mage. Coming soon!

I appreciate how thorough this universe is; there's always so much to do. If the idea of escaping to and exploring a new world is what you want, then I promise that you won't be disappointed.

I seriously love the game, though. This feels like a nod back to the summers I burnt through playing FFIX. I think I spent a lot of time grinding EXP for the final boss fight that never happened... so I bought FFIX on the Switch and I'll be playing that until I do beat it. I made a promise to myself that I would beat it finally after I beat Super Mario RPG a few months ago. So far I'm having a tough time progressing the story because I've been burning entire hours away playing Tetra Master. If you ask me, though, that's time well spent. 💀 I want to share my favorite Final Fantasy game on this blog, so please stay tuned for more on that soon.

Below are some screen shots of a tender moment exchanged with my boyfriend in-game. The absolute cutest kitty! 💜

I'm looking forward to get started playing Triple Triad in-game. If I am honest I am putting it off until I'm done with the story, because knowing me I won't care about any of the other features once I start. I really love card games, or cards in general in case you couldn't tell. Life sure has decadent delights!💜

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