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Friday, November 27, 2020

Moon Crystal Tarot
2nd edition by Alexandra Aquilina (aka ScreenGirl.) ScreenGirl is a printer and illustrator from Malta, based in Berlin, Germany. You will be delighted to hear the vast majority of the Sailor Moon cast is present in this deck, and that includes the amazing villains! I was so delighted to see how inclusive this deck is. Look for your favorites! My all-time favorite star of the show is Wicked Lady, and I was delighted to find her in the Moon card. It is almost as if this deck was made just for me! The card stock is nice. It's buttery, yields very little. Seems sturdy, feels great to the touch. These cards are not slippery, they are totally matte and it makes the artwork really pop. This project took three years to complete. 🌙✨

Let's give these duo-chrome card edges their stellar moment to shine. I can see the holo rainbow on the cards and it is a stunning, stellar sight. Wow! I've never seen gilded edges in this color before and I am assuring you that you need to experience this beauty in person. Fan it slightly and let those card edges dazzle you! What a hypnotic effect... 💜💙💚💛💖💗

The backs have a hand-drawn outer space feeling that is dreamy and textural. I really like the colors. It reminds me of a mandala or a tapestry made for the Moon Kingdom. It's an interesting choice of card back. I like that a casual glimpse will not immediately make reversals obvious. I personally enjoy at least one pointer that a card is reversed so I feel this design is very successful. You will really love getting lost in the details, too!

ScreenGirl Berlin made 78 full paintings. I can tell this deck was a huge labor of love. In some cards the strokes are gestural and suggest movement, the most appropriate example of which I find to be the Seven of Cups. Those ghastly dream clouds are moving when I look at them. I really enjoy this textural effect to the cards. There is a lot of detail included in every illustration. Taking the time necessary to focus on what is there feels like a scrying exercise. The symbols included aid my process of reading, and I really like that this deck has that added layer of substance.

I loved that the Tokyo Tower made it into this deck. This Tower card looks absolutely amazing. I'm living the fantasy. I appreciate the creative thinking and careful attention to detail relayed in the art. This deck was made to be used by the experts, and I love that I get different times of day present in all the cards. I find the different environments will add to my readings with the methods I use to tune into the lives of my querents.

This deck is a labor of love well done, it is a true tribute to the Moon Kingdom and to all the characters we grew up loving in the '90s. Sailor Moon lovers will appreciate the first fully functional tarot deck on the series that came into existence. After a whole travesty to receive this deck from the post office, I am enjoying getting acquainted to it and promise it is a deck well worth a space in your collection.

While I thumb through the cards I remember the love I felt for these characters and the obstacles they took on together. I especially loved the backgrounds and props in the series, and found the aesthetic totally pleasing in how it framed reality. Now those same images are nostalgic reminders of golden days lived in the past. I really needed this gem to show off my love for Sailor Moon in my readings.

Please support the artist by visiting the store here. ScreenGirl, I am so proud of the task you have accomplished! I want to wish you all the best moving forward. Thank you for your hard work before, during and after production. May it all come back to you in multiple dividends!

What is your most important characteristic?
Queen of Cups. Seemingly cold images that bring a lot of understanding of the cycles and inner currents inside of us. A transparent look into the heart and the psyche, gentle and reassuring. It may be a shy experience at first but you will find yourself warming up to it.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Ten of Coins. The culmination of many years of work and artistic contemplation of the tarot. This is a labor of love crowned with pride for artistic achievement. It has a lot to offer the tarot reader and will be easy to work with once familiarized.

What are your limits?
Nine of Cups. Your limits are how you structure or otherwise box in your dreams. Reading tarot is an intuitive practice, one that requires a connection to your inner self and the ability to connect to others empathically. If you are able to metaphorically stand in their shoes and understand their life you can then patiently explain it back to them and bring a hue of reality to the rose-colored glasses they might be looking at their life through.

What are you here to teach me?
The Magician. I am here to teach you the gift of foresight and responsibility to yourself. In understanding the tools you are working with you can achieve the realization of your dreams from concept to prototype to finished result. If you trust in yourself and your abilities there is no limit to what you can create. You just need to believe in it.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Coins. In three steps, but generally just diving into it and getting your hands dirty. Starting anew means you have to start thinking about ways to approach problems differently. It is in your new creative solutions you find the potential to do bigger and better things. Take advice from those with more experience and put your efforts into your next achievement.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Knight of Swords. The news you seek may seem cold and calloused in response. That's what happens when messages come through with precision and lack of decorum. Using this deck you will have a sharp sense of de-cluttering your life, and will find you can picture the outcome before the circumstances are over. This deck spares no one's feelings.

Which card do you want to show off?
King of Swords. Mind over heart in matters of fortune telling. This deck seeks to inspire all the while giving messages with clarity. Watch for sharp edges, if you are sensitive you might thing this deck is strong. You'll be sticking through the facts and finding truth without the attached tangled of feelings.

How do you see me?
The Empress. This card is following me around lately. The Empress signifies growing into your most adult self, having an understanding of the world and shouldering responsibility. Seeking personal growth, seeking to be there for others on their journey. Simply being grounded in the present with the gift of unconditional love. Knowing this and enjoying the experience is enough.

How do you see yourself?
Six of Swords. A journey of the psyche that takes time to show signs of change or comfort. These transitional periods shed insight into the past and help you understand what you are leaving behind, but the real puzzle is actually the future you are slowly approaching. This card signifies movement, implying we are seeking a direction for personal growth. No matter where we go, what we have learned comes with us.

I really needed this deck to complete my collection. I have loved Sailor Moon since it first aired on Cartoon Network in the '90s. The beauty of Japanese and Disney animation fueled my love for art and ultimately inspired me to pursue a career as an artist and designer. Being able to use these cards in my psychic work will not only bring me joy, but will also delight my friends which are passionate about the series as well. A very welcome addition!

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