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Monday, November 9, 2020

This is Neil Lovell's Malpertuis Lenormand, the first one he made. He started making it in 2014 with the intention of it being a companion deck for the Tyldwick Tarot. It is the second deck I bought from Neil Lovell. Since Neil Lovell ended up not making the deck narrative and mysterious, he decided not to echo this deck's predecessor's name. He states that this is an intended cousin, and this is why it is called the Malpertuis Lenormand and not the Tyldwick Lenormand. This project took about a year to complete. I got two copies of the first print. Of course I did. It's a beautiful sight.

I'm back to talk about another one of my treasured oracle decks. By now you should be able to deduct that I am penning a series on the Malpertuis brand decks. They are artistically very beautiful, fully usable card decks. They're special, and I want to highlight them because I find their contribution to be momentous to the world of cartomancy. This deck has some very lovely playing card inserts that make the experience of reading with these cards sweeter.

The tuckbox is glossy. It says Limited Edition on it. My heart flutters a little every time I handle it. The card backs on this one remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting. Speckled paint splatters across the backs in warm tones. As I look into it I think of flowers. I love it so much. The edges are matte gold, just as in the Ancient Arabian Lenormand (the next in my review series.) Perhaps my favorite kind of edges. The matte yellow has some sparkle to it. Mine has yet to show signs of use. Sturdy. The best.

I look into it and I feel I am transported to a countryhouse in England. Don't let me come back to the states... I jest. There is scrollwork and an abundance of watercolor textures, painting me a picture of nostalgia and dreams. It's all there: The cards are simple but still offer some artistic suggestion of context. Instantly recognizable symbols appropriately numbered and with tasteful inserts. I love everything about it. The designs are so good, I wish they illustrated Lenormand reading materials. These cards are simple and straightforward. There is even a Happy Squirrel card included. 

What is your most important characteristic?
05. The Tree. Relating to spiritual and physical health. Natural growth can take its time, but keep at it and you'll see yourself affirmed in time.

What are your strengths as a Lenormand deck?
17. The Stork. Change. Being adaptable, improving when the time is right. Progress or shift in priorities. Planning ahead for the future, but leaving enough wiggle room to change direction if the going gets tough.

What are your limits?
10. The Scythe. Cutting away when the time comes. Some endings come whether you want them to or not, and it takes some self-discipline to accept it when the time comes to let go. Being practical helps, so does having a plan. Using your tools can be helpful, though, so try to keep them with you. And use them to protect yourself or to separate if necessary.

What are you here to teach me?
24. Heart.
How to navigate your passions, your emotional life. Card around this one highlight the querent's desire. Hope they trend toward the positive! Giving to other can be just as rewarding as receiving loving gestures, but what matters sometimes is that we get to express how we feel.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
22. Paths
Being meditative and conscious when you make choices. Being faced with a crossroads is a time of opportunity, try not to be overwhelmed or stressed out when you are met with the decision. As stressful as it can be to have to make a choice, it can also be quite freeing. Don't overthink your choices, just take a look and see what is in your best interest. Go from there.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
09. Bouquet. A rewarding gift. Delight in what you do. Delight in the process of learning, treasure it. Look to fill your days with the joy of practicing the art of divination. Adding elegance and romance to your days by doing the things you enjoy.

Which card do you want to show off?
08 Coffin. Really showing off, I see. There is beauty in endings, in accepting a chapter of your life is over. New beginnings are better than the dread we paint them with is. By resisting change we generate pain. Learning to let go and adapting is a very useful skill.

How do you see me?
27. Letter. Full of secrets. A writer. A thinker. The one that likes to send out correspondence. A person seeking to connect with the like-minded through the channel of written communication.

How do you see yourself?
30. Lilies. A mature and sober craft. Wisdom and inner peace is gained from experience. This is a tool to learn to use that. Learning to be patient is worth it when you finally come to find the fruit of your efforts.

This is one of my top five favorite Lenormand decks. It's perfect in every way, and that's quite an accomplishment.

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