063 medieval club design

Friday, July 30, 2021

Recently I took up a new commission for Loot. To tell you I am excited about completing this project is an understatement. During my experimentation time I have found a few things out about myself as an artist: I love symmetry when drawing iteratively. I enjoy finding places to break the symmetry to give the drawing more character. Every line has a purpose. I enjoy intricate designs that make the armor seem as if it was meticulously crafted over by a master blacksmith. Imagining somebody would need to have amassed a lot of experience crafting weapons out of different materials to craft a very impressive, deadly weapon. Just as Medieval monarchs would show off their grandeur in their expensive, flashy suits of armor. I adore the unhinged desire to show the world that they are the most elite with their golden or blue thermal suits of armor. I bet the reflection of the world around them at sunrise and golden hour sunset was just the most beautiful yet terrifying sight to behold. The drama of the light hitting the armor as it reflects what is around it... I want to paint that!🎨🎨⭐

Weapon design is where my heart and soul lie as a designer. I'm an impassioned artist. This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. While I have the ability to produce strong commercial work for the marketing or graphic design world, when I can weave concept and story into design there is magic afoot.

Thinking back, many artists give up variety of subject and paint just one thing forevermore. I could happily do that so long as the design principles allowed for wildlife, armor, character design, and weapon design. In these realms I think I could really grow to make amazing work. I am currently in pursuit of professional opportunities that will help me grow in my career as a concept artist.

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