060 writing in the sand spread

Friday, July 2, 2021

For bygone eras, chapters of our lives that once were and are no longer. What you write today can be erased tomorrow, even if moments are fleeting they can still leave lasting impressions. This is a spread for use with cards or any other divination.

What did I take away from this chapter in my life?
♡Did I gain experience I was supposed to?
♡How should I remember it?
♡How my life will change now that this chapter is over?
♡What will be some short term improvements?
♡What will be some long term improvements?
Let's pull some cards to explain the process of how these cards can be read or interpreted.

What did I take away from this chapter in my life?♡ The Spiteful Troublemaker.
Signature: Aries / Aquarius / Mars / Uranus
A troublemaking brat. Pain in the neck. The irritant. The Exorcist. The menace. Trickster. The ally.

When somebody close to you causes a lot of chaos, whether intentionally or not. Tremendous power to eliminate, or cause problems. Somebody that comes between you and the world. Delivers you from something in the past.

At the end of your journey you will have made this person an ally. You are not dependent on the opinions of them or others anymore. You can go your own way and no longer feel obliged to accept or ask for charity.

Based off this interpretation juxtaposed with what the card communicates, I see somebody who can't handle pressure or makes a fool out of themselves when faced with trials. This person chooses to isolate themselves and live in a cave alone, so they aren't good company.

I interpret that the takeaway from the chapter is no longer having troubled or pressuring circumstances as a result of the end of the chapter.

Did I gain experience I was supposed to?
♡ Pythia.
Signature: Sagittarius / Pisces / Jupiter / Neptune

Intuition. Priestess of the oracle. Fortune-telling. Astrology, interpretation of the horoscope.

The source of your own intuition has run dry because you have diverted the waters of your soul into a foreign riverbed. You will never solve the puzzle this way.

You will receive signs - perhaps not immediately comprehensible - somewhere along your way. The serious thought needed to solve the puzzle will lead you (almost unconsciously) to the true spiritual awareness. In future, this can be an important step for the soul if you try to find the solution in your own intuition - that is, through your inner Priestess - instead of in the world outside.

There is an old esoteric saying which goes, "When something is asked what it means, it won't let on." It won't tell you in words, but now you can understand it through images. You will have learned to trust your intuition, to rely on yourself as much as you presently do on your own intellect.

When you life your life on an intuitive path, you get signs along the way telling you how your life is going. Before a big change you may see signs of change, notice flies or moths. Notice chapters of your life are about to come to an end and your life will likely change because of it. Keeping your personal space clean  so that you can keep your intuition healthy to steer you along your path. You trust your guides, you trust the omens that foretell of change to come. And when you are subscribed to this lifestyle you know that every once in a while there will be whirlwind turning points that completely radicalize your life. Living the life of a person in service, you go along with it. Others will witness your practices and you can only hope they are open to it.

Witnessing the life of a spiritual worker can impress those living much less complicated lives. The trials and tribulations are a very fast roller-coaster. The path of the seer comes with many challenges and responsibilities. I see myself reflected in the spiritual worker in the card, and I can empathize with how it is for those I get close to that are exposed to some of it.

Signs are very obvious to me in my personal life and I am happy to see that listening to my intuition gave me fair warning of how my reality would play out.

How should I remember it?
♡ The Two Faces of Eve
Signature: Cancer / Taurus / Moon / Venus

Role conflict. Ambivalent feelings. Two souls within one body. Wife and lover.

You face a difficult decision, you can't make up your mind. A sacrifice is called for one way or another, and this sacrifice is too great. So you remain hesitant. That's the heart of the matter.

You discover untimely that both aspects deserve a place in your soul. Both have their time and place. They feel close to you but not each other. You accept the distance they keep from one another.

I split myself up into parts. There was the part I was allowed to vocalize and act out that came with its share of responsibilities and expectations. The other part was an internal world I didn't share with anybody. My dreams, feelings and needs.

When you look inside you find parts of you that still want to manifest. Sometimes those aspects of you conflict with the reality of your life. You may lead a role to fulfill somebody's expectations of you and in turn lose yourself while doing it.

How my life will change now that this chapter is over?
♡ The Mediator
Signature: Gemini / Mercury
The messenger. Intellect. Contact. The onlooker. Ease.

You are unhappy with your position in life at the moment. You find it too boring, banal and superficial. Give a quiet look at your present situation, speak your true feelings and face matters with a detached and objective attitude.

Come out of it observing yourself in a neutral position.

Be fair, don't try to make it about sides. Stand true in your path and see the rest of it through.

What will be some short term improvements?
♡ The Farewell
Signature: Taurus / Aquarius / Venus / Uranus

Exiles from the homeland. Exile. Sudden material collapse. The outsider. Change of place. Break-up of a friendship.

You would like to remain in the protective shell of your surroundings but some aspect of your life has become too "hard." There is a danger of your roots driving down so deep that you can never find the strength again to free yourself. That's why date has ordained deportation. It assist sin your passage to freedom and personal growth.

Going separate ways, having traded some of our personal belongings to remember one another by. The memory lives on in our hearts despite our paths taking us in opposite directions. The moment of departure is brutal depiction of reality. (Why am I crying?)

What will be some long term improvements?
♡ The Partner
Signature: Libra / Venus
The other. The relationship. Balance. The mirror. The better half.

You are not yet prepared to look into the mirror of the other and recognize what you see there as part of yourself. The path involves learning to understand yourself in others. This means mutual exchange and offering your hand to the other in reconciliation (or understanding.) It is vital to meet someone along the way who opens your eyes.

Put the pieces together.

This outcome speaks of learning how to live with the impressions I leave in others with my actions.

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