029 hellboy mixtape

Friday, September 25, 2020

It's an exciting day for Lil Peep fans. The fifth and final mixtape Hellboy dropped across all digital streaming platforms for the first time. It is a surreal experience to hear everything crisp and clear. The songs are largely untouched, they didn't change things around very much. It all sounds great. I am overcome by emotion as I hear the details clearer than ever. It sounds amazing!!! 💖

was recorded at a loft in Skid Row, Los Angeles. It's a heartbreaking piece, sheds light on lots of grievances. Anybody who experienced similar growing pains will be able to relate to what he's saying. What I really love about Hellboy is its personally relatable lyrics and cheeky comments. It took so long because of all the samples that needed to be cleared. I believe there was only one sample that wasn't cleared, for the song Drive By. Gustav was 19 when he made this in 2016. It blew up just as he was, while still dealing with childhood demons and the pressure of being a rapidly growing artist. He died in 2017, just after his birthday of a drug overdose. I believe management was negligent and that they  should be investigated.

Truly a bittersweet moment. The fans knew he was just getting started, and although he left a legacy for all of us I don't think he got to make his best work. He was young, and after some lessons and polishing he would have been truly unstoppable. In spirit of celebration, it's time to pick up some merch and to say thank you to his mother Liza Womack. Thanks to her there is a team of people working very hard to get the music out on all platforms, and to bring the message to a more widespread audience. That's what Gus deserved.

“He told me that he saw parts of himself in the character Hellboy. He said that people would judge him off the way he looked, when he really just wanted to help people out,”

It was scary to be alone without his family. It felt like he was going through hell. And what do you do in order to deal with that fear? Here’s this 19-year-old kid learning all that stuff with all this pressure being thrown at him randomly and constantly.”  -Liza Womack

I've actually been listening to this album a lot in the past few weeks since the Crybaby mixtape dropped on all platforms. Getting better acquainted with his discography has been for me a huge soothing balm during a very, very challenging year.

Cry party at my house.

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