30 the legend of the wizard laird lenormand

Sunday, September 27, 2020

If you are in need of some good news, look no further. I have a momentous announcement to make: Neil Lovell's brother, Joe Lovell published the The Legend of the Wizard Laird Lenormand. Not only that, he's offering them in two sizes! I haven't rushed my butt cheeks over to a checkout cart so fast in months. This deck is hauntingly beautiful, and I just know for sure it will be a rock star when it comes to readings. The news of this deck being a posthumous launch makes it a huge deal for us cartomancy lovers. If it had not been for Joe, we would just not have had the pleasure. It brings me solace to know he will keep the Malpertuis legacy alive, and that the Tyldwick Tarot is now being reprinted. 💀💣💥

Can you believe how lovely these cards are? Neil really did splendid work. It has that same foggy, nostalgic feeling of the Old Arabian Lenormand, another deck I lose my mind over. Any time I hold the crunchy, unyielding cards in my hand I get this protective instinct kicking in. I handle the cards very gingerly, and only really use them to read for myself. I try to preserve the experience because of how rare and scarce these decks will become. I don't doubt a publisher would pick this project up in a heartbeat, but if you ask me the Malpertuis legacy belongs to the Lovell family. I have witnessed many miracles throughout my lifetime; this is one I am very grateful for. Lenormand lovers everywhere will have the chance to handle something I know is very special.

When I learned of Neil's passing, the news hit me like an anvil that had suddenly materialized. We had minimal contact throughout his life, but he had mailed me a certificate of authenticity for my Tyldwick Tarot deck. I will have to go find it in my vault to display online. In our correspondence I remember gushing and gushing about the agonizing wait for the Tyldwick Tarot to be published, and the love I felt for the cards I was holding in my hands. It was an over ten year wait to get acquainted with the cards, but it was well worth the wait.

It is difficult when a role model or somebody you admire passes away. I always mourn the idea that these visionaries still have their best work inside them, because people who make art battle so many circumstances to use the time they have to create something. Time isn't exactly the most abundant resource, I myself find myself battling against the clock to fit in all daily necessities. I think about time a lot more now, and how important it is to be mindful of how you spend your time. 🕙✨

You better believe I am taking out my Malpertuis decks in celebration of this occasion. Without further ado, I'm off for a hot date with some wine, cards and incense. You can find me at my desk fawning over the beauty of art and divination weaving stories about my future as it is about to unfold.

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