033 autumnal nostalgia

Monday, October 5, 2020

October is already here. I was born in October and I hold this season's festivities very close to my heart. Lately I have been contemplating the lessons I learned since I entered my 30s. I have learned the value of self-reliance, self-awareness and independence. I struggled the most with learning to be self-sufficient during an unprecedented time. Despite all that I made it through. I am practicing stressing less over the circumstances that are outside my control, and that keeps me purposeful. If I left my thoughts to go idle, who knows what kind of trouble I'd have to sort out on my own. Still, I did my best. 💀👻

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has turned out to be an outstanding game. Look at how much content Nintendo added! Despite having all statues and fossils, I've yet to complete the aquarium or painting gallery. I can't remember a time I ever stopped for a fish of any kind. It would be pretty rockin' to catch a hammerhead shark, though. I'vr got a long way to go before I complete my inventory, but so far I am enjoying the wild mix of styles converging in my island. As time passes I'd like for it to become more and more a dark island to visit, but I can really only go as far as the current released designs allow.

It doesn't seem like any villagers will be on their way out anytime soon. I really like this roster. Unfortunately it seems I have maxed out the number of skulls that is comfortable to have on the island. While I really love having them add visual interest to the island, the last two have messed the ease of traveling the island up a bit. I'm trying to figure out if I'll need to erase one of them or not.

Nintendo recently re-released the blue and green New Horizons limited edition Switch console, so you bet your butt cheeks I had to pick that up. I had just been looking the console up in Ebay when I was alerted to it being back in stock. My room mate graciously offered me the console if I couldn't pick one up in time. But then I rushed over to get my own and secured it. I also got Paper Mario: Origami King, but haven't made any time for it. I'll have to get to it eventually. Lots of things are getting left to the eventual future right now. 🤡🤡🤡

Who would have thought that so many months after the March launch I'd still be hooked on Animal Crossing:New Horizons? Not me, I certainly didn't expect it. Really looking forward to see which other surprises October has in store for us. All the new features they added so far are slaying!

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