032 stargazing

Sunday, October 4, 2020

My subscription to FFXIV still needs to be renewed, and I haven't really had the time to play the game in the past couple of weeks. But here are some screen shots from the last night I got the chance to play it. I finally unlocked the Black Mage class, but I've yet to earn my class clothes. The identifying uniform with the steepled hat is yet to be mine, but will be soon... 🎩

I love how the game makes you earn the title. I also like having enough time to practice before I take on much bigger spell rotations. That system is dependent on accuracy, so somebody with lesser with spatial awareness will take longer to get it all under control Hi, I'm somebody with lesser spatial awareness.

It'll be a few weeks before I can update the blog on where I am at in this story. Its been on the back burner for a few days. But I hope that for right now you will enjoy these screen shots that I took.

At some point I felt like I was taking a stroll on my chocobo through the beach fort of Old San Juan. Those old streets are evocative of some of my favorite Caribbean memories, and the fact they remain is a big sign that if those walls are still up, our culture is still going to thrive. Puerto Rican people are resilient, they appreciate beauty and fine quality of life. I love knowing there is a place I can go to online that will provide some of the comfort of visiting my beloved homeland.

So far I really love that feeling of exploring the world slowly but surely. Taking my time to get well acquainted with all the characters and figuring out which quests lead to unlock desired aspects of gameplay. Currently I play the game without any mods, but I'd love to end up with a game that is more aesthetically pleasing. Although if I am more serious, I think they did a stunning job.

It's nice that other friends of mine are joining FFXIV and making it a server I can interact with them in. Those are surely some fun times in the making. I will look forward to them until then.

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