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Monday, October 12, 2020

The Legend of the Wizad Laird Lenormand
by Neil Lovell of Malpertuis arrived today. I knew what the package contained immediately when I saw the Malpertuis logotype on the label. I hugged the package to my chest after I pulled it out of the receptacle. Mine at last, a Lenormand deck I thought I would never ever have the pleasure to handle. I acquired the deck in both the full and poker sizes. The full size is the same as the Old Arabian Lenormand. The poker size is the same size as the Malpertuis Lenormand. There is no loss of detail despite the different format. Upon closer look, the poker size was reformatted to also fit the entire image in the frame. And they both look stunning. What a sight! I think this deck conveys a somber mood beautifully. It feels stormy and autumnal. A great deck for when moods shadow your insides. 💬💭🐳🐋🌑🌑

I had been following quite closely the process of this Lenormand deck when it was still very early in development. A few months prior to his passing, we were celebrating the completion of this project. I checked back nearly daily to hear more news. "What a loss", I thought in the late summer of 2018. Truly a big loss for everybody who had admired Neil Lovell's artistic trajectory. Despite a very long wait for the Tyldwick Tarot's arrival, we often spoke about the beauty of its art. Another deck we thought we wouldn't see in print due to the many challenges that went into it. There was an earlier prototype of the Tyldwick Tarot that was also rather beautiful, but the early designs got scrapped or repurposed into the deck we now own today. How uncanny that this deck had a similar journey to making its way out into the world. Many thanks to Joe Lovell for undertaking the task. This is a family legacy.

As I look into these cards I can pretend to feel high winds encircling me as storms brew. It feels like that turning point in the year when the summertime cools to the autumn. The atmosphere contained therein is that of a quiet retreat from bustling city life. I perceive the mystery of foreign lands and know this deck will accompany me throughout my own transitions in life.

The card backs for this deck really surprised me. I was expecting smokey, stormy grey with blue and white. The colors match the other decks perfectly with more earthy tones. Lucky are those that have a full set laid out on their table. The edges are the same as on the Tyldwick Tarot: Shiny golden yellow. The cards are sleek and glossy like a brand new credit card. I love how different each card back is despite fitting together in the system with the rest. 💖💖

This deck is moody in a literary way. Despite being considerably darker than the other decks, I am very impressed with how the cards all go together. If you're every feeling experimental, you can make a brand new deck by mixing Malpertuis Lenormand cards with this deck. Just as you can do with the Faeries' Oracle and Heart of Faerie Oracle. I also think you can mix the Old Arabian Lenormand with the full size Wizard Laird. Notice the difference is enough to add some great contrast. Not that it matters much in Lenormand, since readings are more structured than the intuitive style of tarot reading. But I like the variety and the freedom to mix decks together, so I do.

As a graphic designer I can tell you this brand is incredibly strong if two very different products can still go well together. It's the style, the way the imagery is treated and stellar good taste. How I wish he had made Wizard Laird into a tarot deck as well! In an alternate time time maybe he would have done so. Somewhere in my desk drawer the Tyldwick Tarot must have flipped indignantly in its grave-box. I decided to take out all the decks to admire. The one pictured above is the Old Arabian Lenormand, a deck with very beautiful depictions of middle eastern Morocco.

The card numbers are in roman numerals, which I appreciate very much. The playing card inserts would make an impressive deck of playing cards as well. I love the style of those cards because of how elegant they are. The real wizardry is in the artistry of this deck. It was made for me.

I'm going to use the poker size for work, but the full size is all for me. I'm going to keep it on my desk forevermore. Take a moment to appreciate the wonder of these cards laid out on the table. Pictured is the Answer Spread. The cool thing about this type of card deck is that you can go through it with traditional Lenormand meanings, and then you can make a second run through it looking at the playing card inserts. Finally, crown it by generating geomantic figures. The experience can go as long as you are willing to savor it.

Looking forward to many an afternoon spent with tea, incense, music, a journal, and of course my cards. This kind of deck is perfect for my introspection whenever I'm going through the year ahead or finding insight on the winding path of the journey I am on. Whenever I find myself craving a personal Lenormand reading, this will be the deck I reach for. I can see it now. Wizard Laird, tell me true. This is all I ask of you. 🔮🔮✨

What is your most important characteristic?
Stars. This seems a popular answer when I interview Lenormand decks. The ability to take objects seemingly unrelated to one another to spin a personal and enlightening tale. Finding connections that aren't obviously liked at first glance. Signs to be followed.

What are your strengths as a Lenormand deck?
Path. Helping the querent identify crossroads during time it is important to make educated decisions. Helping you move forward by helping you understand where you truly stand, or how far you are still from your desired destination.

What are your limits?
Mountain. Some obstacles are so great and serious that it will take more than a card game to untie them loose. Momentous obstacles challenge us to think of different ways to overcome them, forcing us to come out of our shell.

What are you here to teach me?
Mice. Time that passes you can never get back. Losses also bear no fruit in return. Whatever you neglect, you risk ruining more permanently. There is an impermanence to life, an aspect you never quite have full control over. In some ways its objects wearing down and decaying, but in another its the passage of time. If you have thoughts or circumstances eating at you, confronting them in a timely manner can make a difference between salvaging an established project or cutting your losses before they become too great.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Garden.Use it in open spaces, on my community, share it, talk about it, and read with it. Bring the cards to the people.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Tower. With the rules already laid out, this will be a learning experience for me when I use the cards.

Which card do you want to show off?
Dog. Friendship, trust and support. This deck may be suggesting it can be a real friend during transitions.

How do you see me?
Storks. Hi, I'm the person going through a personal transition. Shifting direction and priorities, trying to find a new north.

How do you see yourself?
Joker. Like an unexpected wildcard. And boy, this deck sure is!

This deck was truly unexpected, but I am delighted to have two copies of The Legend of Wizard Laird. It gives off an air of literary magic, preserving the moment and feeling nostalgia. Feelings evocative of the autumn time, as the veil thins and those on the other side start to make themselves known. I think many people will be tempted to purchase this as part of the collection, never to be touched. To the lovely people that hoard decks I must request: please don't hoard this deck for multiple forevers. Take it out, use it and enjoy it. If you're precious about borders wearing down, buy yourself a backup copy.

Decks like this are a privilege to own, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you let these cards languish in a corner for fear of preserving them. A deck that came out through rain or shine is deserving of being well worn and used, as that is what it was made to do. And while I am guilty of a mountain of unused decks, this won't be one that I banish to the secret confines of my cupboard. This deck stays where I can see it.

I feel very lucky to have received this in my birthday month after a very stormy 2020. At times I have felt trapped with my thoughts. I have started to make time to journal a few times a week again, and now that I have these cards I think I'll start logging some of my personal readings. My career requires me to be there for others, and while I do it with love at times I do feel like I need to make more space for my own wellness. T-10 days until my birthday. ♡♡

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