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Monday, April 5, 2021

Every now and then I receive what I call a rockstar tarot deck in the mail. Two this week, I really am a spoiled woman. Today I will be reviewing the Blood Moon Tarot by Sam Guay. I pledged for this deck in 2017, some time before I even met Chris.

The box is matte with gold foil details on all four sides. The cards are matte, slick together and crunchy. They remind me of the Bohemian Gothic Tarot 2nd Edition with that unyielding crunch. The gilding is sharp and shiny, a perfect warm contrast to the muted earthly tones. This tarot deck makes a brilliant first impression right when you pick up the box. This deck is based off Sam Guay's personal mythologies, and the cards take you to a second nature fantasy world where dreams and nightmares manifest. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ

The box is made of thick matte cardstock with metallic overlay frame and type. There are also some gorgeous foil whimsical motifs on the side. They are slightly embossed. The box says the Major arcana is expressed through the unique suits Dreams, Songs, Skins, and Honey. They aren't very intuitive to assimilate but if you look at the progression of the cards you can tell which suit is which. Memorize the colors and motifs and go from there.

This deck is non-traditional and it offers many insights aside from traditional meanings. You are encouraged to get to know the deck in your favorite way. The illustrations are very fine paintings with evocative moods and easily distinguishable expressions. I find it very easy to read with the deck. You look at the cards and the messages just come to you. My mind floods with things I want to say when I look at the cards. This deck is great for storytelling. I appreciate the whimsy, the inherent darkness of the deck and the way the illustrations open up. I appreciate the details in the borders. I can tell a lot of effort went into making a deck that contributes to the diviner community. It is very successful, and I hope lots of people are inspired to pick it up. I am very happy I got the chance to acquire a copy.

I love that this is a wildwood, dreamlike fantasy realm. While these depicted scenes are impossible, the way they are illustrated makes them totally believable. I'm living the fantasy fully.

When I turned the cards over to see the backs I had one of those moments where my soul felt pushed outside my body with the impact of the beauty of the design. These card backs are fully reversible with no way to visually distinguish upright from reverse positions. The other party wins today. I like reversible backs, and prefer to be able to see a small hint of whether or not a card is reversed. That doesn't dock the deck any points.

The borders are thick, whimsical tendrils and swirls. Very organic and free. Dark, detailed and with lovely little red accents. The blood droplets are on the card backs and in the cards themselves. Upon closer look it seems the borders are indicative of the card's suit. I haven't seen this done before with this level of intricacy, so for me it is a total win. I love that about it.

This is a top of the line production and I am so excited that it is making its way out into the world. I think there was lots of need for something this artistically valuable. This is the kind of quality of imagery I tend to expect from mass market decks. It has a soul that translates into the voice of the deck. And how you can explore!

Sam Guay has unlocked some hauntingly beautiful inner worlds and shared them with us. To Sam I give many thanks for such a lovely contribution to my card collection.

I wanted this deck pretty feverishly when I first bought it. I am happy to get to explore new cards, as they always bring something new and refreshing to the table in my readings.

♡ What is your most important characteristic?

The Hermit. My best work is done alone, without the influence or sound of the outside world. Filtering noise and confusion down with silence, slowing it all down to get back to the mindset that helps me build and solve problems. A tarot session is a moment away from the hustle and bustle to check in with yourself and ask pertinent questions about goals being met. Seeking answers helps gain more perspective and understand the world better. Gain self-awareness and see your truth without the weight others place on you.

♡ What are your strengths as a tarot deck?

Knight of Honey. Consistent, slow and guarded. The knowledge you come to find unlocks slowly and with consistent use. The art of seeing what is hidden in plain sight requires good understanding of the world you participate in as well as being aware of the role you play in it. Put a necessary shield up to protect yourself from the expectations of others as they seek to take your time and resources. Stay focused, stay the course.

♡ What are your limits?
The Wheel. Unforeseen life circumstances may disrupt the flow or progress of your plans. Changes come unexpectedly, but once they have manifested they must be dealt with. Be open to changing goals or efforts to reflect changes in your reality. Sometimes help will come. The rest of the time you must do what you can with circumstances handed to you by your life.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
Page of Honey. Use your resources to help and nourish you. While the path still stretches forward and you may just be getting started on your journey, even seasoned professionals are on a voyage to gain experience. Understand that life gives and takes during the different stages you live through. Change will continue to come, but if you are prepared for the dangers then half the work is already done. You just need to react judiciously and on time.

♡ How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Ten of Honey. Forget the old systems. Adapt to time's influence gracefully. Even if at the core you are the same person with the same principles, adapting to your environment helps you grow from it. To be prepared for the obstacles you must have a strong foundation giving you necessary stamina to endure whatever comes next.

♡ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The World.
Wisdom and knowledge helps feed your foresight. Even if change comes, all you have experienced already will be held to example of what could go wrong and lead to failure. There are times to silently observe and times to act. Choose your actions wisely.

Please show this project the support it deserves. Tell your feverish tarot collecting friends about it. They'll love it very much.

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