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Friday, April 9, 2021

If you didn't know, I play a lot of World of Warcraft. Usually every day at some point if I can. I had some great times building my character up during the winter. Mørtizia is a LVL 60 Draenei Shadow Priest. What a mouthful! 💖😹 She boasts an iLVL rating of 1.308, which means I am a Key Stone Master. I want to talk about some highlights from all the fun I had. At first Chris would direct me through dungeons and explain mechanics. I was lucky to have an experienced player explaining it to me. Had a lot of laughs and joined an awesome guild. 💣⚡

I am a huge Activision Blizzard fan because of the immersive world building and design. My first impression when I entered the Maw was to be intimidated. I enjoy how the ominous feeling just grows from there. World of Warcraft has single-handedly carried me throughout the pandemic. I was heavily immersed in creative work at the time, getting the rusty gears twirling again. Logging into the game gave me some time away from burning through my thinking power to design my future, and instead helped me find a world I could explore and get to know. This was a service the game did for me, as quarantine wouldn't allow for me to explore the outside world as I would prefer to.

At first I was just learning the controls and running all the dungeons I entered. I enjoyed playing through the story because it also allowed me to practice my beginner skills. By the end of it I had gotten used to navigation controls, as even the interface takes time to understand when you don't play any MMOs. I started to play this long before I started playing FFXIV, but due to a technical issue I had not been able to take screen caps of the game. I have a new system now so that's not an issue anymore.
I got to LVL 50 and that felt like a win until I hit LVL 60 and went in pursuit of meta gameplay rather than building up my first character.


The real learning experience came when I took on the Torghast tower. I really love Maw mounts and the Corridor Creeper has the mawtouched darkness on its armor that I like with the runes. This is my most favorite part of the entire Shadowlands expansion, as well as my favorite chapter in the art book that comes with the Collector's Edition. I would join the Maw's covenant if there was one, and I suppose I did when I earned the glamour, the mount and the Spirestalker title.

Twisting Corridors is a 144 level, eight layer nightmare adventure. Essentially what you would consider to be a mega dungeon. It took me eight days to win the achievement. On day 6 I did not win any of my four attempts. Attempts would last anywhere from 60 to 100 minutes. Clearing the entire 18 floors takes a lot of time. This is definitely my favorite WOW mode. I loved being Party Leader, concentrating on recruits with good iLVLs and IO scores. Some of the players I met taught me exemplary tanking or teamwork. I made a few friends along the way.

It's true I got the achievement as I was on my way back from a re-spawn, but I have an image to commemorate the achievement and that is what matters. I squealed of joy IRL and got congratulated by my guild in chat. They were currently raiding Castle Nathria.

Tarragrue take you. My new favorite insult.

I'm really looking forward to see what happens next in the new patch.

The Mythic+ grind went from 5s to 8/9s. Once I hit 10 I could really feel it. I I spent a lot of time trying to learn the mechanics of the dungeons and getting familiarized with boss attacks. Definitely had moments where I dealt with angry players yelling at each other or me for making mistakes. Interestingly enough the tension is steadily growing. I was proud to reach rank #60 on the realm and #27 in my server. Top Shadow Priest DPS.

When I first earned my Sintouched Deathwalker mount I went all around showing it off and taking these screen caps. This was my most coveted mount after the Corridor Creeper, and was immensely more difficult and time-consuming to earn. It's real nice when the word Key Stone Master flash across your screen. I completed nine total, with numerous failed attempts. But I got it.

Currently I am working on the Glory of the Shadowlands Hero mount achievement.

The best time, when the whole guild gathers and we play through the raid on Heroic difficulty. My first time there I got a lot of gear both in-game and won most of my rolls. I got really lucky and boosted my iLVL up considerably.  Currently I boast a robust 218. I am very proud of this. It took me a lot of dedication to earn. I just switched over to the Night Fae as well, with some sadness because I really love being Kyrian. But I've made a new Death Knight that is Kyrian. At least I'll get my Phalynx mount back. I have also yet to get the gold for my Gilded Prowler.

Words forever imprinted in my memory will be "sashay left" and "prance forward."


I want to thank the team that made the expansion that got me through the pandemic. I met a lot of friends through the game that I am now starting to get to know. They are lovely people. I think the story was very good, although story really isn't the main point for me when I play. I'm looking forward to the new currency in Torghast, Tazavesh super dungeon and the new Chains of Domination raid. The Tarragrue will get his, and surely Sylvanas will as well.

I've got my Silverwind Larion, my Corridor Creeper and the hope that eventually I'll earn the other two Maw mounts. I really love this game and I hope that if you haven't played it before and you have been curious, you will do yourself a favor and pick it up.

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