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Friday, April 16, 2021

Today I have the joy of reviewing the Fyodor Pavlov Tarot. This deck was entirely hand-painted throughout the course of many years. He used ink and watercolor to create it. The box has accents on it and so do the card backs, which are reversible. The deck is made from and for a new generation embracing diversity. This deck heralds the winds of change for those that need a message. It will speak to them and their personal experiences. I am happy to have a deck that is more inclusive in this way. It will serve me well for my querents. 🔮✨

This is a very highly anticipated release! I followed it since its beginning stages in Tumblr. It was a major hit for those of us active in the community. It took patience, and quite a long stack of years passed. It feels like forever ago... But now it's here on my desk and I get to break it in. This delight is a treasured rarity for me. From the box I produce very thin slick linen cards. I love the matte red box with a very lovely cover. The card backs are also lovely, giving me the feeling of holding a remodeled Visconti. I like the gold foil on the backs of the cards, it glints nicely when I tilt the deck to the sides.

If you look closely at your cards you will notice that the color accents change. Cups are blue, Swords are red, Wands are green and Coins are yellow. The artistic interpretations come from a sentimental or emotionally channeled space. The cards feel like very personal revelations. The use of line is textural and lovely.

I am very happy to finally have a deck of Fyodor Pavlov tarot cards to use. I know a deck is going to be one of the big ones when I receive it and I get this feeling it will touch a lot of lives. And indeed it will, because it is being  published in  the mass market! How wonderful when the art makes it to the people. I am very happy for these news and think there will be many people that will find solace in how this deck represents them.

Anybody can read with this deck and produce personalized results. I want to encourage those that feel they are up to the challenge.

What is your most important characteristic?
 Page of Coins. Working on a project for an extended period of time. Having stumbles and starts, and committing to see it through until the end no matter the cost. This card can sometimes signify a test of endurance or will. Giving back to the earth, to others.

A student, somebody who is in the beginning stages of learning a new craft. An apprentice. The idea of study. Practical skills. Someone a little old an serious for their age.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Knight of Cups. A pause in time when you can stop and think about how you feel about your involvement in your life.

Drawn in by and processed by your intuition. Dealing with matters close to the heart that affect how you look at your future. Attempting to inject positivity and will to dream into its querents.

A creative, sensitive person. An "art" type that can be rather impractical. A dreamer, whose dreams conflict with the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. An inconsistent lover, he may find it hard to fully join in a relationship. May feel a contradiction between his own dreaminess and the demands of his place in the world.

What are your limits?
Six of Swords. The journey seems unbearable, you don't want to do it. You didn't want to change but life circumstances left you no choice. You are forced to take your most beloved belongings and move on. What lies ahead is unknown and you don't even know if you'll be safe on the other side but you go in the hopes that it is safe, and that you will be fine.

What are you here to teach me?
Magician. See the magic in every day life and objects. Live a life of intention and purpose. Solve problems to create life and bring delight to the eyes of those that witness the magic you produce. Dazzle them all with your wit, intellect and tricks.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Five of Wands. Finding stillness in tumultuous times. Not forgetting your ethics and standards in times of heat and conflict. When things get out of hand try to show the best side of yourself. React quickly.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Nine of Wands. Being tired, having gone through a lot of realizations in a short span of time. Not having much left to give but fighting the good fight anyway.

Which card do you want to show off?
Eight of Wands. Events happening in quick succession, sometimes simultaneously. If you keep matters organized it is much easier to sort through everything, but if you don't you will find yourself faced with quite a mess to untangle. Pay attention and be present.

How do you see me?
Wheel of Fortune. Fate spins the wheel and your life changes accordingly, whether you like it or not. Revolution erupts unexpectedly and throws everything into chaos for a little while. You hang onto what you can and hope the wheel turns up someplace you can safely land. Go from there once you feel you got your bearings. That's life.

How do you see yourself?
Ten of Cups. Settling down, enjoying quiet family life with my beloved. In an ideal world I'd feel loved and cared for all the time and I'd delight in the joys of dedicating my energy to taking care of those that matter the most to me. That's what makes me happy, to have someone be all for me so that I can be all for them too. I dream of days in which I feel I am looked after and loved with no doubt of there being a happy future.

I think this is a powerful tarot deck, it reads to perfection. Truly it has all I need. I am going to be very happy with it, and I just want to note I really love the red box I get to keep it in. But we all know that box is going inside a card pouch from Baba Studios, let's be real here.

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